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Index – Culture – There was a gaffe in the entire production because of him, but he wanted the perfect product

“The simultaneous role must be solved in the same way, it must be found in the same way as the phase role during the exercise. Whether we can recreate the given figure depends on the details, even a small half-smile can have additional meaning compared to the text,” says Gabor Keser, who is smitten Equally, dubbing the voice of Eric Cartman. from South Park Like Jake Gyllenhaalit From the midnight worm Or Joaquin Phoenix A she has ( woman ) from the movie. The hardest for him is Tornatur a JSledgeYou are Human It was the voice of the shepherd in his movie, which he raised over and over again, which led to the entire production going downhill because it didn’t feel perfect yet.

“I trust the directors, but sometimes we get into fights with Kata Tabak, for example, because there may be translation errors, situational misunderstandings, and we have to interpret what we see or hear differently.” According to her beak, the great actors who lend their voices to them are full of secrets, and more complex, they are played by many small special instruments, and this unrecognizability makes their synchronization difficult as well. “These secrets must be deciphered, otherwise the Hungarian dubbing will remain one-sided, and the role will be damaged.”

He remembers two instances in which he did not play the dubbing: one of them was one of Ben Affleck’s movies, and Survive Christmas (Usually the two-time Academy Award-winning Hungarian voice actor is Tamás Széles), the other is Joker He was the voice representative of Hungarian Joaquin Phoenix, when he gave his all, but he felt that Zoltan Ratoti’s position was more suitable for the role. “What I managed to do in Herbin is not here. But great actors cannot be covered with a dubbed voice.”

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According to Csőre, it would be a great loss if Hungarian dubbing was not done, because it has a role in preserving the language: the hallmarks of spoken language are incorporated into the dubbing. Children’s films would be incomprehensible without it, and it is by no means certain that it will help in language learning, especially since only 30 percent of films are in English. In the case of comics based on many speeches, the reading of the annotation is suspended in time by the speech and the joke written, and if we cannot follow the story, the artistic value wanes. “You can learn English by watching content in English, of course, but here we’re talking about the technical performance, not the language lesson.” Not to mention when sync was added to the original work, let’s just mention Fréd and Bén in the voices of László Csákányi and László Márkus, who speak in József Romhányi songs. The films also maintain the voice of Istvan Bubek, Roland Selmizzi, Attila Cachas or Emre Gózsa, who recently passed away. “the FtheGumpot rest It can be seen in its original form, but why is it done in the voice of Istvan Bubek,” says Gabor Keser.

a Hungary’s voiceI would like it to be a tribute to the legendary Hungarian dubbing and dubbing profession. In addition to Gábor Csőre, László Szacsvay, Zoltán Csankó, Oszkár Gáti, Gábor Hevér, Artúr Kálid, Judit Pogány, Szabolcs Seszták, András Stohligbs, Willem and Tasmara also professional Will D. Tasmara. The director of the film, produced by Vertigo Media, is András Csapó. The work is expected to hit cinemas in the fall.

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(Cover photo: Gábor Csőre at Pest Theater on April 2, 2014. Photo: Pia Klos/MTI)