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Index – Culture – There will definitely be a festival in late June, but maybe only August

It is indeed sure that there will be an ancient festival and theatrical meeting on the banks of the Danube in Nagymaros this year, but between June 24 and 27, epidemiological rules will not allow it, and the festival will be held from August 4 to 8.

It’s a difficult year for all of us, our lives have been upended inexplicably due to last year’s pandemic. I am sure that from this mental fatigue that struggles with nearly all of us, the kind of wonderful energy that a concert or stage show provides, youth, momentum, reception and the tumultuous feeling of life on the banks of the Danube, can help us, that our event represents.

– Mark Kiss Dumontkus, the main organizer of the festival, said in a statement about the event.

The festival’s music program includes Dead Money, Blahalouisiana, Rúzsa Magdi, Punnany Massif, Follow The Flow, Random Trip, Ivan & The Parazol, Erik Sumo Band, Péterfy Bori & Love Band, Lóci, Supernem, Carson Coma, and Europe Publishing. Roskaga will host a concert, as well as foreign bands from Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The program will begin in the theater tent a few days ago: the opening show of the festival will be the night of the disappearance of Tamas Olt, the tiger’s shot in the mouth, on June 23. In the following days, the companies of the four countries in Visegrád will take turns on stage.

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