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Index – Culture – This is what happens when someone is forced to give up their life tomorrow

Something is seriously wrong here, please. I mean, in the sense that The Wanderer is sci-fi on Netflix. In fact, the story takes place aboard a spacecraft speeding towards Mars, but since April 12, 1961, it is no longer wonderful for humans to leave Earth.

Well, okay, that makes it easy to interpret the movie as a scientist, but since a guy is on fire, making a fire isn’t exactly cool. Even the tentacles sent to the moon are part of our life. A human also cloned a sheep, and replaced a dying heart with a platform, which means the world of science fiction is shrinking rapidly, but let’s say it would still be muscular science fiction today to produce a 3D-printed digestive enzyme for the pancreas or insulin.

Racing the spaceship Botiaotas on screen is a great experience, but the knowledge and technology required to do so has long been known and is rapidly developing.

This means that everything that director Joe Pina has created in The Wanderer is nothing more than a contemporary Greek drama. It could be played smoothly in the theater, too. You don’t even need space. Moreover, the position that gave the film the basic idea is not science fiction, although the genre prefers to consume these kinds of moral themes.

For example, what happens when someone sacrifices themselves for others. Two thousand years ago, an entire religion was organized with this idea, which today includes not only a church, but an independent state as well. Graham Greene also wrote a wonderful novel, the tenth, about what happens when prisoners have to choose from whom to execute them the next day.

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However, Pina’s movie failed at first because – that’s not a spoiler, I tell those who have reached their hearts now because I described it – they ran into a vagabond on the spaceship. Yes, that’s the title of the movie too … of course … but it all happens in a strange coercive way that makes a guy’s mouth smile. A bit like Alien, the creature was already on board the Nostromo when the spacecraft hadn’t even landed on the Zeta 2 Reticuli system satellite LV-426. (And what a wonderful time travel fantasy you can write about …)

In the movie, the hobo (Shamir Anderson) simply falls out of the collection box, getting into it, quite by accident, against his will, and even by closing the painting door. Aha … But if the credibility of the beginning of the story falters, the end of the story can be helpful, but here created the basic situation necessary for the sacrifice (there was no longer enough oxygen for Mars for four people). Clumsy and bogus that if he were someone of the science fiction genre, he would probably ask himself about this humiliation.

Bezzeg, if director knew rock opera Stephen King, and at its most dramatic moment, one of the film’s four characters abruptly jumped and burst into a song, saying

Someone has to get rid of their life tomorrow

Tell me who would you choose?

Then at least it would be funny. You don’t have to wait for a joke in this movie, the lesson is that what doesn’t necessarily work can still be amazing.

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That is, if someone wants to know how to interpret Joe Pina and show sacrifice somewhere between Earth and Mars, don’t miss this movie. And if you want to understand why the issue of sacrifice is so important, read the mythical and biblical stories or take Graham Greene’s tenth novel off the shelf.