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Index – Culture – Tom Holland and Amanda Seyfried Take a New Direction by Cornel Mondrocho

Recently, the press has been raucous about the Hollywood work of Kornél Mundruczó. In 2020, he made his debut on the front of Netflix cut for woman Starring Vanessa Kirby as an Academy Award nominee, it was recently revealed agent His next sci-fi Blake Lively will be the hero of the story.

The The Hollywood Reporter Kornél Mundruczó is now one of Hollywood’s hottest stars, Spider-Man, Tom Holland and David Fincher mank Oscar nominee Amanda Seyfried will shoot with Apple TV + crowded room In a ten-part anthology series.

The script was written by Akiva Goldsman in his private life and Daniel Keyes Have a sweet dream, Billy! Based on his book. The series deals with the stories of people who have learned to live with their mental illness.

Tom Holland, who also co-stars as a producer, plays a guy named Danny Sullivan. Amanda Seyfried is a clinical psychologist who, in addition to facing the most difficult situation of her career, is trying to stand up as a single mother.

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