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There is nothing new during the day, and nothing proves it better than Hollywood’s diverse and original selection of subjects, which we are happy daily with the news of more movies being re-released. As if they weren’t good screenwriters producing better than better original ideas, studios would rather tumble into the frosty pool of a duck swimmer than jump into a deep, uncharted water pool.

This, of course, doesn’t automatically lead to lower quality movies, it just doesn’t make one suffer too much from old classics being reinterpreted. Here, too, there are exceptions, because a good-natured name is thrown next to a famous work, and yet it can still attract viewers to the cinema, for example, to associate West Side Story and Steven Spielberg with many They raised their heads.

And now the news has exploded like a bombshell that the classics of Whitney Houston, who died in 2012, and Kevin Costner, who happily shattered health, are being recast — more than just a bodyguard — announce diversity.

Former secret agent Frank Farmer, who is now a professional bodyguard, and Rachel Marron, the story of the famous pop star, have caught the public eye as a movie, but thanks to the songs I will always love, I have nothing and run to you, you can’t forget it Having someone who really wants to.

All we know about the upcoming project is that it has been planned since 2011, but they have just reached the first stage of implementation, which consists of asking writer Matthew Lopez about the script. There is still speculation about the main characters, but crazy rumors have spread about a pair of Channing Tatum and Cardi B. Tatum is still leaving, but the Cardi B singer imagines the role:

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It’s sure to give the character a totally different glow than what we’re used to from Whitney Houston. Anyway, we’re curiously waiting for new names to come out, in the meantime we’ve rounded up two singers and actresses who After Whitney Houston, we think you can talk about the role.