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Index – Culture – We do not understand woodpeckers, the first surprise in this year’s Toy Story

Toy Story, introduced in 1995, began with a kid named Andy getting a new action figure for his birthday. Buzz Lightyear was way more adorable than boy’s favorite kid to date, Woody, an honest kid, so the real rivalry between toys for Andy began. In the movie, toys come to life, making them funny and squabbling with each other, and in the end they go on a massive adventure together that shaped Woody, Buzz, and the others.

Toy Story has been worth four episodes so far, and they could really have decided at Pixar to keep milking the cash cow and bring a fifth movie to cinemas. Instead, they took the form more creatively and, in acknowledgment of the box office hit, painted something completely unexpected with an unusual film.

Andy hugs Buzz Lightyear doll in Toy Story the way kids today do just the same with Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker or Baby Yoda. It is no coincidence that we bring this similarity, because the “Star Wars” of the world of the little man is none other than Lightyear. Pixar Studio brought us this piece of art to the big screen that Anno Andy was so excited to order a space fighter-style game for his birthday.

Lightyear, which hits theaters here June 16, is a movie in the movie, and it’s a meta. We might feel a little bit like Andy when he first saw production in his life. Has our heart stolen so much from Lightyear’s story that we’re looking back, as the Toy Story character might have done it so many times? Well, that’s clear.

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There are no talking dolls here, Lightyear is a science fiction based on classics

The story begins with the brave astronauts of Star Commando Buzz Lightyear and Alisha Hawthorne trying to find a new habitable planet for their colony. The mission, of course, goes awry, so Buzz is stuck in T’kani Prime, which we won’t say for a minute contains friendly animals. Almost like Australia in our reality, what lives and moves there wants to kill you.

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It really is Buzz’s fault that the hibernating crew needs to wake up and start settling here because the young pilot is crashing his massive spaceship in the tropics. The protagonist does not give up, begins to test the crystals that allow excessive bouncing – but each trip into space has unexpected consequences.

We won’t pick it up, find out for yourself, the catch is that time travel plays a major role in Lightyear.

There’s some obligatory team building, which Rick & Morty did really well, by the way, and not in vain – because that’s also the biggest and most boring weakness of this movie. The twist, on the other hand, works on the main evil, and while we might get a smaller emotional splash from it than the average Pixar production, Lightyear has a huge heart. No one will cry for her but she is touching and there is a very cute robot cat who steals the show with every sound from him as we smile at him. And of course a gay kiss, which is why Lightyear is banned in many countries, but we won’t go into that, it’s an innocent sight. It’s 2022, in principle, no one should falter.

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The new Pixar movie is an old-school sci-fi movie, featuring a little bit about Interstellar, Star Wars, and The Last Starfighter — yet it has a fresh take on it. Buzz Lightyear is lovable, and while his team members sometimes are in panties and we’ll go over our heads, the rhythmic movements really make up for the weaker parts. There’s no shortage of realistic scenes anyway, the film’s visuals are dazzling, which is why it’s worth sitting in the cinema, and the music is good, thanks to Michael Giacchino. However, the director, Angus MacLean, who previously co-directed the Chilean track, should be blamed by Disney. If the director had gotten rid of a few — not many, roughly 4-5 — unnecessary snippets from Lightyear, we could have given a much higher score to what we saw.

Lightyear is a real patch for the soul, especially if you’re a fan of science fiction.

The new Pixar movie isn’t about Luca or Spiritual Knowledge or brainstorming, but it’s right behind them. We never thought a whimsical show like this would expand the world of Toy Story, but creativity is always welcome. And Lightyear limps absurdly sometimes during an hour and a half of playtime, based on a terribly refreshing idea. Let’s raise our hats. Oh, and infinity and beyond!


Lightyear is already shown in cinemas.