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INDEX – CULTURE – Will Disney’s Grand Prix be a superhero, a jockey, or a fairy tale? Find out now!

Walt Disney’s streaming service Disney+ will launch in Hungary on June 14, and will be the digital home of Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, National Geographic and Star content. Before the channel finally gets nailed to the screen, fill out and follow our quiz, Who will be one of the most memorable characters in Disney World?

What opportunities do we really have? Where did we come from and where are we going? Who are we: good or bad, heroes or punks? These are questions that have occupied humanity since the beginning, but the answers are never easy, and perhaps not in black and white. It is no coincidence that the heroes of our stories and tales also take a kind of path of self-knowledge; Their adventures, challenges, difficulties, and victories are also victories for their character development, and their experiences also help us navigate the strengths and weaknesses within us.

For nearly a hundred years, Disney has been featuring heroes who connect generations and amaze us with their unforgettable stories in a way that is exciting, livable, and at times funny and poignant. In addition, the collection includes more than just the well-known and beloved tales, family movies and cartoons as classics, as the Star Wars and Marvel worlds are now part of the large Disney family, which will be broadcast from June 14 this year. We can enjoy it, because the Disney+ service will start in Hungary as well.

In order to tune in a little more to the gushing marathons of the coming weeks until dawn, we’ve put together an exciting personal quiz that, once completed, will reveal the famous Disney character closest to us, perhaps even taking on a self-consciously thrilling journey.

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