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Index – Culture – With tickets redeemed last year, come missed concerts

Ákos will perform at Papp László Budapest Sports Arena on January 22 – The concert on December 11 has been postponed to 2022, so instead of the end of the year, there will be an opening show. Tickets are also valid for the new date. The concert will definitely include songs from the latest release, The last year of peace The singer-songwriter said:

It is said that a good short story should have enough material for the novel. We have the same amount of energy on the three new songs as on the entire album. It’s all together on the mid-range we love: strict synth sound, acoustic and electric guitars, live drum recording, and elaborate vocals.

Hobo will also be on stage on February 13 77- To the knees in poetry, to the ears in love with the address. Laszlo Voldis Hobo Send this to your audience:

The “Coronavirus” ruined my concert scheduled for my 75th birthday, but I now have a chance – if I pull out until then – to try a concert two years bigger (…) By the inexhaustible will of fate, this event marks precisely my 77th birthday, February 13, 2022, which I look forward to seeing you on!

Refundable tickets for the HOBO 75 concert announced on December 28, 2020 and November 20, 2021 at the Papp László Budapest Sports Arena are also valid for the new date.

Zsuzsa Koncz will acquire Papp László Arena on March 5, where I was born free Presents a themed party. This performance has also been postponed from last year, and tickets purchased for the concert announced on October 2, 2021 are also valid for the new date.

Being free will probably occupy a very special place in the ranks of records released thus far. The conditions and environment in which it was made and what it is trying to portray were, and certainly still are, exceptional. Unexpected and amazing as only once in a lifetime – after all

The singer said about her latest album.

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László Dés will give a concert at the Congress Center in Budapest on 1 April. The saxophonist and composer has played an important role in Hungarian music for five decades, with a range of musicals, soundtracks, folk songs and jazz recordings. For the Spring Concert, he will choose his most popular songs from his tours so far, and songs will be sung from the most recent ones, midnight flight Also from his album.

In the evening, there are two guests of acting and singing: Julie Basti and Pal Maksai.

Working relationship with Juli Básti a listen a little Started in 1987 with a man and a woman They toured the main concert stages in the country. They also had several joint works with Pál Mácsai, but they had never performed together in concert. Dis also wrote him new songs this time around, which also appeared.

(Cover Photo: Zsuzsa Koncz at the closing ceremony of the Hungarian Days in Cluj-Napoca on the main stage on August 23, 2015. Photo: István Biró/MTI)