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Index discovered – Tech-Science – the northernmost part of the world

This was announced by the Dane on Friday WeekendVision Weekly that an expedition of scientists discovered a small island off the coast of Greenland in July, which appeared after the movement of ice sheets.

As far as we know, this island is the northernmost point of our planet.

This scientific discovery came at a time when the Arctic and Arctic states, the United States, Russia, Canada, Denmark and Norway were able to navigate the region’s fishing rights, the natural resources of the Earth’s womb, and global warming from the melting barriers. Ice sheets, squabbling on different sea routes.

The random insignificance of discoveries has sometimes been explicitly mentioned before Reuters Campaign Leader Morten Rush:

Our goal was not to discover a new island.

Scientists initially believed that they had landed on the island of Udaq. That island was discovered in 1978 by a Danish research team. Only later, fiddling with the exact location, did they realize that they were going somewhere else entirely, 780 meters northwest of Udaq!

We walked a bit like explorers of bygone times, who thought they had reached their intended destination, but had already discovered a completely different corner of the big world.

Swiss businesswoman Christian Lister, funder of the mission, said she is one of the three hundred richest in Switzerland based on a comparison of annual balance sheet data.

The small island is barely thirty meters long. Its highest point is three meters above sea level. Its soil consists of clay, sea mud and rubble carried by glaciers or moving ice sheets.

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The members of the research expedition suggest the name of the newly discovered island as follows:

qrtak afnarlq

Meaning in Calaissot in Greenland:

North Island

According to Professor Rene Forsberg, Head of Geodynamics at DTU Sapce, the Danish National Aerospace Institute within the ranks of the Danish University of Technology, the newly discovered plot of land meets all the scientific criteria for being an island.

By the way, Vosberg was a member of the expedition in 1978 to discover Oodaq Island, which is now the second northernmost island in the world. The The Danish National Aerospace Institute It is considered one of the most successful scientific workshops in the world in many fields.