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Index – Economics – Has Amazon Outsmarted Its Employees Again?

Amazon ended a very successful year, which is achievable, after all, the role of online shopping has increased dramatically during the coronavirus pandemic. Sales were growing steadily, and only founder Jeff Bezos’s fortune was growing roughly $ 64 billion It has grown over the past year.

In comparison, it is often heard that the employees are not completely satisfied with their working conditions, recently, for example, the employees of the company in Italy. They declared a strike On March 22nd. The rationale was that the company was unwilling to negotiate disputes over hours and performance bonuses, and it did not appear willing to do so.

In addition, it is particularly interesting that my company did not form a trade union yet, although it was an attempt. But it was not baked as planned.

An American manufacturer at the Tech Factory recently tried to form a consortium, to no avail. Votes have been counting at the Bessemer warehouse since March, but despite great enthusiasm, a total of 1,700 workers cast their votes and only 700 thought it would be beneficial to form a union, he writes 444. However, Amazon or a trade union that the company employees wanted to join canceled 500 votes, so the story is not completely closed yet, and the losing party is expected to legally challenge the outcome.

Incidentally, in amazon repositories, this union could have been, or could have been, the first.

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