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Index – Economy – A British bank mistakenly distributed 130 million pounds on Christmas

A rather pleasant Christmas gift was managed by the British subsidiary of the Spanish bank Banco Santander, which, on Christmas Day, December 25, mistakenly transferred a total of 130 million pounds (converted to about 57 billion forints) to two thousand customers from Corporate and Retail, writes CNN.

The financial institution explained the error with a technical error, which is that due to the timing problem, a total of 75,000 transfers, including wage and one-time payments, were repeated.

£130m mistakenly transferred looks big, but nowhere else is it $894m (converted to $291bn) to grind Compared with what Citibank in the United States transferred to Revlon’s creditors in August 2020. The financial institution wanted to send only a total of eight million dollars, and the beneficiaries returned only 390 million voluntarily. Although Citibank sued the remaining 504 million, it lost in February 2021 in New York District Court. Judge Jesse Furman ruled that the financial institution could not recover the money because the $894 million represented the full amount of the debt, so creditors could rightly believe they only received what was owed to them anyway.

(Cover Image: Luke MacGregor/Bloomberg/Getty Images)

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