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Index – Economy – British families seriously cut off Brexit

2021.11.05. 10:38

Emissions from the British economy will be lower than they would have been as a member as a result of leaving the European Union.

This loss could mean a loss of up to £7,000 a year for the average British family.

The latter can be called a Brexit tax, Tell Peter Hallmay for

The award-winning economist Széchenyi finds:

An exit trade shock can be expected.

Although protracted disputes have led to an agreement on duty-free treatment of products in trade between the EU and the UK, administrative and technical barriers at the border are slowing the movement of goods. To overcome supply difficulties, the UK authorities have not yet imposed their own technical barriers on incoming EU goods, while Brussels is already in the works. According to the university professor, stopping the free movement of labor also contributed greatly to the development of the current supply problems, and this problem also affects agriculture, tourism and the transport sector.

The economist also spoke about the euro.

According to the corresponding member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, it is advantageous to join the eurozone when Hungary fulfills the conditions.

Peter Hallmay believes that “social values ​​and culture in the broadest sense” are also crucial factors. He believes that enhancing competitiveness and productivity is inevitable.

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