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Index – Economy – Mark Zuckerberg’s sister told Index why he left Facebook there

It bothers me when someone’s first question is, “You don’t Mark Zuckerberg Her sister?

far from it!

However, the Earth Day video begins with that rhythm, which he replies by smashing the cup he holds in his hand.

In fact, I’m not upset at all, I’m so proud of my brother, we’ve got a great relationship with Mark. It’s just a little fun, and it’s the nurses’ job. If I wasn’t joking about this and our relationship, I wouldn’t be a good brother. Regardless, I’m a freelance person and I walk my way myself.

The Social Network movie was a huge success. How realistic is it to talk about one of the most famous people in the world, the founder of Facebook?

Which – which Movie It was made for Hollywood, which means drama comes more ahead of reality, and that was the case in this case as well, we didn’t participate in it. At the same time, it had great marketing value for the company, as it led to many people signing up and starting to use the site.

As a Market Development Manager and spokesperson, you have also worked alongside Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook for a long time. Why did you switch?

I stayed there for nearly ten years. I don’t know how much time people spend elsewhere on a job, but in the United States, ten years is a very long time for one company. I was interested in many other things that I wanted to deal with, so sustainability, for example, is very important to me, and I also wanted to spend more time and energy on startups. She has invested in several startups set up by women that deal with environmental solutions. That’s how I called SodaStream. If I were still in one company, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to care about anyone else and make my voice heard.

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I think the advertisement was also made from this.

We’ve been working on it for a long time, we were in the middle of the shots when the coronavirus epidemic hit our heads, but we had some doubts about how we would eradicate it after they started closing the borders. We have thought a lot about how to get the message across about how important it is to reduce single-use plastics in our environment and move closer and closer to sustainable environmental sustainability. But in addition to conveying an important message that benefits the entire world, our goal was also to introduce some fun into people’s lives, as everyone needs to dance, enjoy and have fun in the current situation, which made us live more difficult than it was a year ago.

What is the impact of the epidemic on pollution?

Unfortunately, due to the epidemic, the number of disposable plastics has increased over the past year. We’ve come a long way with reusable products, be it cups of coffee or water, but the virus highlighted everything that was a single user, and

It’s so sad that we’ve fallen back so far in the war on plastic.

This is why it is more important than ever that we take the issue of sustainability more seriously as we recover from the pandemic. Thankfully, SodaStream is proactive and does a lot to make the planet a better place, be it education or even Plastic waste discount.

They are also seeking to raise awareness of the environment with an Earth Day video, in which he confirms that not only sharing posts about problems, but also doing something about change is enough. What do you think about social media?

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I love social media, which plays a very important role in technology. We simply need to pay attention to finding a balance and boundaries with technology and social media, making sure that in the meantime, our lives will get better and better, and none of them hinder our development. I have also written a lot about this in recent years and even published a book on the topic. As far as sharing is concerned, it is important that people not change their habits because it is very beneficial, as social media can be used to spread awareness and raise awareness of problems very quickly.


If one did exactly that, then there would be no change.

I would encourage people to share as many of these posts as possible and also to change their habits and behavior.


There is a lot that needs to be done to make the Earth a better place, which can be changed from one moment to the next, for example by getting rid of disposable plastics. It’s a small change in our life, but it has a big impact. That is why, along with SodaStream, we thought we were handling the topic in a funny way and drawing people’s attention to protect our environment: Emphasizing that it is not enough to just share a post or two behind the keyboard, but to find a real solution.

What do you do in practice?

We are committed to the environment and I enjoy the active participation of my children. We are very resistant to plastic at home, and ride bikes instead of cars whenever possible.

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How do you endure confinement?

At the start of the epidemic, my parents and I went to California. It’s been over a year since then and we’re still here. Plus, it’s just horrible right now Forest fires They were also raging, so we couldn’t even go outside for months to soak in the fresh air. It has been a difficult year for us, but events are ringing alarm for humanity that we need to change and live our lives differently. Not ten years from now, but now, otherwise I do not know what the future will be. Fortunately, we also have the sanitary and technical tools to protect our environment.

(Cover photo: Randy Zuckerberg on May 10, 2016 in New York.Photo: Adela Loconte / WireImage)