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Index – Economy – Net 260,000 forint not attractive enough to pick fruit from a tree

Labor shortages are now causing almost as much trouble with fruit and vegetable production as weather disruptions. Not only skilled people, but there are a few applicants for seasonal work across the country, as well as throughout Europe, written by According to the head of the Hungarian FruitVeB Organization for Fruits and Vegetables and the Products Council, insufficient employment directly and indirectly causes annual damages of about HUF 50-80 billion (loss in production value) in the fruit and vegetable sector.

The crop froze several times in April.

Ferenc Abate says that in 80-90 percent of cases, employers must meet the needs of a trained worker. But there is also a shortage, not because of salaries, but because few people today like to work outdoors when it blows, when it rains, when the temperature is 35 degrees in the shade. This is no longer attractive to young people.

The president noted that the daily net wages of seasonal workers in the northeastern part of the country is about 8000 HUF.

At the same time, in the central and western parts of the country, no one calculates less than 10-12 thousand forints per day, but 12-15 thousand forints, which means a net income of 260 thousand forints.

He added: In the work of harvesting, pruning, planting and loosening, 70-80, but in some cases 90% of work operations cannot be replaced by live labor.

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