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Index – Economy – Not enough fuel, I’m looking for electric cars

The UK is slowly emerging from the fuel shortage that has been affecting the country for a week and a half BBC. The crisis may increase the demand for electric cars in the long run.

The Fuel Vendors Association (PRA) still announced Thursday that about 27 percent of gas stations have no fuel at all. Incidentally, this was an improvement on Tuesday’s data, when the rate was still 37 percent, but it indicates that the problem has not yet been resolved. The British Motorists’ Association (AA) said in a statement on the developments: They see that they have been able to leave the most difficult period of the crisis. The British government described the developments as encouraging.

However, fuel prices are still rising in the UK. The latter also leads to a growing interest in electric cars. The Bloomberg He wrote earlier this week that more and more people are becoming interested in electric cars. One car dealership, Auto Trader Group, for example, had twice as much interest in cars last weekend as it did on average in August.

In addition to the above, another study based on Google data shows that on September 24, the day of the crisis

Electric cars are searched 16 times as much as another average.

People are not just playing with the idea of ​​buying an electric car, they have really serious intentions, said Ian Plummer, commercial director at Auto Trader Group, adding that given the greater interest, they expect to be largely able to do so. Increase their traffic.

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