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Index – Economy – The British defeated Putin’s domestic oligarchy

Early Tuesday morning, after an extraordinary meeting, Johnson announced in a statement to lawmakers against Russian individuals and banks. Obstacles: The UK has cracked down on three politically affiliated Russian businessmen and five Russian banks in retaliation for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s order in eastern Ukraine. The BBC According to his statement, British companies will also be barred from maintaining any economic ties with the secessionist territories.

The Obstacles Part of it was to freeze British business assets and restrict their movement. All the people now affected by the UK have already been punished by the US in the past.

It will be a tough set of sanctions against Russia

Said British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov tried to downplay their importance, saying he was “already threatened by everything” and “we are used to it.”

Banks and individuals in targets

The three oligarchy affected by the embargo are Russian businessman Janeti Tymoshenko and Igor and Boris Rottenberg. All three are closely related PutinHave therefore become the target of punitive measures.

In recent years, the International Federation of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) Reports They thoroughly explored influential people close to Putin, including the maritime assets of Tymoshenko and Rothenberg.

Now, on Tuesday, UK authorities have frozen their assets following an investigation and the British have cut off the opportunity to do business with them.

Putin’s ally Gennady Tymoshenko is a billionaire hockey fan who has extensive business interests in energy, transportation and construction through his investment group Volga. Tymoshenko has been contacted several times and told that Maintains good relationships Disruptive forces in Ukraine.

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Igor Rottenberg, now admitted, also has close economic ties with President Putin, the majority partner in the Gosprom drill. Igor’s uncle, Boris Rottenberg, co – owner of SGM Group, Russia’s largest gas and power connection construction company, has also been targeted.

In the ICIJ 2020 study, Boris Rottenberg and his brother Arkady Rottenberg transferred significant wealth to their sons after receiving sanctions from the United States in response to Russia’s invasion of Crimea in 2014, and they too were subjected to control measures.

On Tuesday, UK officials asked their financial experts to “verify whether they have an account or financial or financial resources for individuals”. If so, freeze the assets of the named persons, terminate their transactions with them and report to the authorities.

Among banks affected by the embargo, for example, the privately owned Rosiaya owns shares in a television company. But the list also includes the Black Sea Bank, a Crimean financial institution set up after Russia annexed the region in 2014. The General Bank of Crimea, a financial institution operating in the Crimea, and the Russian state-owned Bank of Prosvizbank, which finances the Russian military, have been banned.

Gold visas will be canceled

This is called the Gold Visa in the UK, allowing the very rich to get visas for themselves and their families quickly. The project was established in 1994 and relaunched in 2008 in its latest form. A minimum investment of இரண்டு 2 million (approximately 5 855 million) is required in the UK for this visa. Then they were free to work, go, trade and study in the UK.

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Unlike other types of visas, individuals do not have to spend a minimum of time in the UK to maintain their status, although after two years, their status is terminated.

The visa can be extended indefinitely on the condition that users keep their investments in the country. Most of the gold visa holders are from Russia and China.

Home Minister Priti Patel last week called on A.P. Sky News Gold has announced that it will no longer accept new applications under the visa regime. The interior minister said, “We are constantly reviewing the system and in some cases raising security concerns.”

He said those with gold visas had illegally acquired their property and were embroiled in corruption-related cases in several cases. So they decided to remove this opportunity for the super rich.

(Cover by Boris Johnson on February 23, 2022. Photo: Henry Nichols / Reuters)