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Index – Economy – The exit fee will be paid by the UK, leaving only EU citizens

According to the Guardian, EU citizens wishing to leave the UK may receive an “incentive” from the island government. The rule went into effect on January 1, but the British government did not hit the big drum. There has been a similar initiative before, except that the beneficiaries are not EU citizens. The current scheme, called “Voluntary Income”, is run by the British government Website And, in the event of a positive evaluation, immigrants wishing to leave the country may be offered a free air ticket or up to GP2,000 (HUF 812,000).

The timing is also interesting because the opportunity opened just months before the end of the resettlement program for EEAs (EU, Norway, Iceland and Lichteinstein). If citizens of those countries had lived in the UK before December 31, they had been given the opportunity to apply for a residence permit until June 30 this year. At your request There is. So, it is strange that a few months before it is completed, a plan will be launched to encourage their departure.

The question arises as to whether EU or EEA citizens have become unpopular with the UK. The voluntary income scheme has so far sought to achieve the income of unskilled, mostly homeless immigrants from the Third World, which has mainly sought to reduce the financial and time costs of the revenue practice. The current move is particularly interesting in light of the British government’s earlier statement that it would do everything in its power to retain EU citizens. According to Benjamin Morgan, an EU civil rights expert living in the UK, this is at least a double-edged sword because it encourages those involved to leave the island without staying.

The situation is further underscored by the fact that a significant proportion of EU citizens are in principle unaware of the expeditious approach to immigration applications, failing which their stay in the UK will be questioned and even threatened with deportation. The whole situation is almost miserable, as all EU citizens are already working in the burdensome British public health service, and it is important that they stay in an island country that has been hit hard by the Govt epidemic.

The JCWI (Joint Commission for the Welfare of Immigrants) spoke on the issue of immigrant rights, calling for the cancellation of the deadline for EU / EA citizens to apply to the establishment. According to a study conducted by the organization, one-third of EU citizens working in the health sector are unaware that there is a deadline for submitting applications for the establishment, and this deadline is about to expire. In addition, some people who work in this field are not considered particularly talented staff, while many work as caregivers and assistant nurses, for example, their work can be very important. That is, if they knew about the right to immigrate in principle and how to apply for it.

EU citizens living in the UK are not the only ones worried about travel, accommodation and other terms that come with Brexit: Elton John, for example, recently expressed his concern about the future concerts of British musicians in the EU. Care, In which he also drew an open letter. Of course, the above is just a drop from the difficulties associated with Brexit. Student However, due to the Hungarian citizens, it is certainly noteworthy.

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(Cover: Toby Melville / Reuters)