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Index – economy – the House of Habsburgs tried to gain control of Donver

Georgy Habsburg said it was a Habsburg hoax who tried to gain control of the company in the Donavir case.

a Donver On March 5, an attempt was made to seize the company on March 5 by a Ukrainian person named Franz Vladimir Habsburg-Loringen, among others, but the company’s management found that people wishing to enter the factory showed the wrong power of a lawyer and were not allowed to enter it.

a EuronewsThis name caught attention, and after they were not found in the Habsburg family tree, George Habsburg was asked if he could say anything about it.

He’s a rogue, we know him, and he uses the name, but it has nothing to do with his family

Said George Habsburg.

He added the person in his file To Archduke William of Habsburg-Teschen His name, who fought for Ukraine’s independence between the two world wars and eventually died in 1948, is used in a Soviet prison.

George Habsburg also said they couldn’t take legal action against him yet.

The root causes of the Donver case are In our article below Analyze it.

At the end of March, Dunaferr CEO Vasil Gladkekh was elected at an online reshuffle meeting, which, according to Dunaferr’s current leadership, was irregular. The public meeting was held by an attorney representing Steelhold Limeted, which owns Dunaferr, but with a false power of attorney, according to current ISD Dunaferr attorney.

The Russian businessman has been interviewed before duol.huWhere he said that there is no dispute between Russia and Ukraine over the ownership of Donver,

It is a fictional and inflated story, and has nothing to do with reality.

He explained that he wants to modernize the plant, and he also needs potential investors for that, and he wants to restore the collective agreement that he wants to talk about with the workers in May. In the end, he said that if he could take over the plant now, they could increase production to 120,000 tons in three months.

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An attempt was made to seize the factory last Friday, led by Istvan Mikko, the lawyer representing Steelhold Limited, which owns Dunafert, and hundreds of security men marched, but were stopped by the police. Miko promised the index that they would return with a bigger team.

Currently, he is the director of the company without being able to enter the factory he runs.