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Index – Economy – The number of Hungarians choosing a British university has decreased sharply

This year, 58 per cent of Hungarian students have applied to British universities by the January deadline: 430 compared to 1,030 last year, according to statistics from UCAS, the organization that manages the UK’s admission system, for new students applying to British universities. Britain’s exit from the European Union has also drastically reduced the stimulus to progress from other EU countries: EU orders are down 40 per cent compared to last year, from 43,030 to 26,010 applicants.

The low number of students applying from the European Union is a cause for concern. It remains an important task for the British government and universities to work together to demonstrate the value of European students to them.

This requires, on the one hand, preserving the UK’s image as a high-quality destination for further education, and on the other hand, introducing new types of financial support solutions.

– Results announced Alistair Jarvis, Managing Director of Universities of the United Kingdom.

Since the index was cyclical in the past, there are three main reasons for the decline:

  • Increased tuition fees,
  • Loss of student preference loan,
  • And applying for a student visa is mandatory.

Far from Brexit, it could easily happen that EU arrivals will pay two to three times the UK university and college internships from the next academic year as before.

In the academic year 2019/2020, nearly 15,000 Hungarian students studied at foreign higher education institutions, a significant percentage more than a year earlier – they show that by grouping statistical offices and admission centers in foreign countries, it helps high school students to increase their studies in the outside. Injam academically data.

– It is already clear from the CSO Hungarian Abstract, which means that about every 17 Hungarian student pursued their studies abroad. Traditionally, German and Austrian universities were the most popular destinations, but the number of Hungarian students applying to the island nation has tripled in the past ten years.

Back in January, Engame Academy conducted a survey of students and their parents planning to continue their studies abroad, which found, among other things, that Brexit is now one of the typical alternatives in Ireland, although it is not the most common due to thresholds. Long high acceptance.

Among those who have stable knowledge of Germany, Austria and Germany, which provide free higher education, it is as clear as it is now. For English speakers, the Netherlands is now the main target. After the first year in local public universities, it will cost EU citizens 1,000 and then 2,000 euros.

Meanwhile, Denmark, Italy, France, Spain and Scandinavia can also expect increased interest.

If you don't have to, you will not learn the Hungarian language

The number of language testers has decreased in the past year, and not only because of the Coronavirus.