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Index – Economy – Voice of the Arab world for the Chinese vaccine

The UAE allowed vaccination against the new type of coronavirus for emergency use very early, among the first countries. The Chinese state-owned Sinopharm product was already approved for this purpose in September, and many foreign businessmen, mostly Americans, raised their heads.

Then, it was no surprise that the country was the first to approve the Chinese vaccine for full use just a few days ago. This was preceded by the United States, where it was decided on December 11 to approve a joint vaccine between Pfizer, home of Germany, and Germany’s BioNTech, but for emergency use only.

Yes, but the Arab country has outperformed the producing country itself, including China, where vaccination is not yet fully authorized and is only available for emergency use. The vaccine has so far been tested in at least 125 countries, and based on an analysis of data from a total of 31,000 volunteers who have already been vaccinated within the UAE, it is able to prevent the disease with an efficacy rate of 86 percent. According to the UAE authority, no serious side effects have been reported.

The announcement came shortly after Morocco voted in favor of the Chinese vaccine, and there are very ambitious plans to vaccinate 80 percent of the population there. However, Morocco is waiting for the vaccine to be licensed in China for full use, not just in emergency situations.

By the way, in China, a total of three vaccines from two manufacturers, Sinovac and Sinopharm, are licensed for emergency use, far ahead of the rest of the world. According to the South China Morning Post reported these vaccines

The data obtained in this way is processed continuously. According to a Bloomberg analysis, China is directly implementing entire markets outside the European Union and North America, and is even lending some countries to buy Chinese vaccines.

Accordingly, 223 million doses of Sinopharm and 166 million doses of the Sinovac vaccine have been prescribed worldwide. Sinofarm’s main clients are Pakistan, Indonesia and several Middle Eastern countries (UAE, Egypt, Bahrain and Jordan), while Sinovac’s main clients are currently Brazil, Indonesia and Turkey.

Shortly after the UAE’s announcement, Bahrain officially authorized the Sinopharm vaccine, after analyzing data from 7,700 volunteers who had been vaccinated in the country. The most tangible benefit of the vaccine is that, unlike the Pfizer vaccine, it does not require transportation and storage at minus 70 degrees.

Because the entire virus is destructively present in the vaccine, it does not put everything into anti-elevation protein production like most Western and Russian vaccines do. This may also increase your chances against the ever-changing coronavirus.

So Dubai and Bahrain are preparing to return to normal life. The development of herd immunity requires vaccination of 70 percent of the population, and the amount is easily communicated to them by the Sinopharm Corporation, which, according to its own report, has already produced 500 million doses. Obviously a lot of this will remain within China, but it will also go in abundance to well-paid clients throughout the Persian Gulf. So perhaps the upcoming delivery of Dubai’s latest steam-powered investment doesn’t seem so reckless anymore.

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Vaccination against Covid is still not authorized in the European Union. The closest to us is the one in the UK, where Pfizer in the US and BioNTech in Germany are already vaccinated, but right at the start of the campaign, two healthcare workers had severe allergic reactions. In addition, even before obtaining permission, the manufacturer reported a total of four cases of facial nerve paralysis, which statisticians ultimately attributed to chance action, despite the fact that no such case occurred in the placebo group.

For the sake of interest, we mention that compared to its population, most vaccinations were requested by Canada, where the amount of vaccine requested by the state is more than four times the number of citizens. Canada follows the UK, where enough vaccine has been requested to vaccinate three times the population, who knows why? The European Union has also offered itself to vaccinate 170% of the total population of member states with the amount of vaccines required so far.

(Cover image: A photo published by the Emirates News Agency (WAM) on November 3, 2020, showing Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai (left) before receiving a vaccine against the emerging coronavirus. : AFP)