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Index – Economy – where politicians are most important in the order of vaccination

The euronews page in English contains many statistics mentioned Based on data from Our World in Data on Thursday. For example, no country has been summed up in the “competition” for vaccination in Europe.

We wrote about her earlier in the index that the Serbs were dragged into this indicator after receiving a huge dose of the Chinese Sinopharma vaccine. As a result, 6.8 percent of the total population was able to be vaccinated.

The Maltese are second on the fantasy podium (4.8 percent) and the Portuguese are third (4.5 percent). The top ten places, respectively, are Belgian, Czech, Icelandic, Danish, Romanian, Croatian and Irish, with four of the top 10 performing countries currently in Eastern Europe.

The Germans ranked 18th, the Italians 20th, the French 25th, and the United Kingdom 28th.

Hungary has the highest vaccination rate of 21 (2.1 percent).

The Dutch, Russians and Swiss have been reported to be 0 percent, which means they have no measurable vaccine لقاح

In terms of vaccine supply, the UK, Turkey, Germany and France are the best – Hungary ranks 14th here – and Iceland, Luxembourg, Latvia and Cyprus are at the bottom of the list.

An interesting part of the discovery is also the groups that were first vaccinated against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. In most countries, health care workers – Hungary also belongs to this group – but mainly in Western and Northern Europe, the vaccination schedule started with the elderly.