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Index – Flag – On May 1, it was said for the first time in Hungarian that “Hello!”

Telephone exchange was considered an advanced technology, not least because the first usable telephone was built by Alexander Graham Bell only a few years earlier, in 1876, and the world’s first commercial telephone exchange was built in New Haven, Connecticut, just three years before (1878). ). USA), also following the idea of ​​Tivadar Puskás.

However, he did not invent or even invent the equipment itself, because similar technology already existed for servicing telegraph lines, and the PBX was patented in the name of Charles Scribner. However (as an employee of the Edison) Tivadar Puskás built the first centers in Europe, and Edison (at Puskás’ request)

He wrote in 1908 that the technique was the idea of ​​Tivadar Puskas.

It was such a big gesture from him that he even usurped the idea of ​​the incandescent lamp from the real inventor, Joseph Swan, who even won a lawsuit against Edison.

Tesla got to work here

The Fürdő Street facility was not only the initiator of local telephony, but also one of the most unusual inventors, Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), of Serbian nationality, who got his first job here, devised a series of admirable inventions that they even researched present day.

On February 1, 1882, the first Budapest telephone directory was published with the addresses and names of all 238 subscribers. I had to sign up for the service every year in return

How often and how long can you make a phone call,

The length of the conversations is not measured. The call was made through the caller picking up the handset, and a young woman said “Welcome!”, then manually (literally connected) the connected terminal. They didn’t leave much room for the phone companies.

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But why did they hear that at the tournament, almost immediately after the phone came out?

The obvious explanation is that the phone language also comes from Puskás, and according to legend, Edison also asserted that “hello” comes from the Hungarian word “hear” and admired it. In fact, it was still used in English Hi.” He is also from Hungarian.

looks good. But it weakens the proud legend that we emphasize the first syllable of “I hear” and only the ending of “I hear.” Impossible to hear and get confused.

It also raises doubts that the word “hello” appeared in English literature as early as 1833 and was already a common greeting in English-speaking regions in the 1860s. Edison, the notary, wrote a letter to the President of the Central Pittsburgh District and the Printed Telegraph Society in 1877, and suggest first removable The word “hello” is welcome.

However, the predecessor of the radio, the news anchor, was invented by Puskas and he was the first to speak Hungarian in the world, on February 15, 1893, with the following words: “Welcome the people of Budapest. Welcome in an extraordinary way, unlike any in the world. Welcome to the city The first from which the presenter by telephone will embark on a triumphant journey around the world. ”

(Cover photo: A woman tries to operate one of the first telephone exchanges, which operated at 10 Fürdő Street, at the Postal Museum on February 16, 1963. Photo: Andorm Tormai/MTI)