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Index – FOMO – Azahriah: I’ve listened to a lot of Majka

my record Twenty Hungarian musicians talk about the album, which is really important for him. The short films will appear for the first time on the project’s YouTube channel and index, and the common denominator between them is that the musicians performing one after the other will feature in the reboot two years later. Telekom VOLT . Festival.

In the previous sections David MarshallAnd the foot wikiAnd the Bagusi NorbertAnd the Robert BerchizziAnd the MC ColomboAnd the Csaba SzendrőiAnd the judgmentAnd the black giorgioAnd the Evan Vitares He narrated his favorite disc, and this time Azahriah delivers the record that was truly his.

Azhariya liked Majka’s songs so much, he also asked his family to record a rapper, let’s say he got an LL Junior album instead, plus he didn’t pinch it too much. But he said that was the moment he started getting to know LL Junior, so he really immersed himself in music and realized how much he enjoys these songs and loves to listen to them.

The singer is stubborn d Choice of fate He highlighted his album – as a result, he fell in love with the guitar and felt he wanted to play music too. It all happened at the age of 9-10. The album he considers to be the most important album of his life is Twenty One Pilots vessel disc. Why is it clear from the video below:

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