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Index – FOMO – Break was good for Follow the Flow, production increased

Follow the new The Flow’s, Heaven and Earth , which will be unveiled in Budapest Park in a few days. The audience can already know quite a few songs from the album, from which I’m wrong Now received a video. The band will take the stage next Thursday at the STRAND Festival, for which they are already preparing, although the location in Balatonvilágos is also a new field for them, the event itself does not count at all.

Fortunately as we bring the guests back to the beach, we can play in better shape year after year, and now as the headliners on the big stage. We are all very happy about this and very much looking forward to tomorrow’s concert, we are going to blow it

said the singer.

The band is prime time not only on the beach, but also at other festivals. Although the formation is only six years old, success came very early and suddenly, with the release of 2018 no one knows They exploded into public awareness with their song. At the end of the year, Gergő Szakács says, came the point where they were already sure they could work steadily in a team.

The explosion came suddenly, and we pretty much ran behind us for the first two years. But I’m in a position, for example, because Diaz is one of my best friends, I watched Wellhello’s rise up close, so I was very knowledgeable about that, and I was able to stay in the picture at the level that witnessed what was happening

The front commander explained. On the reason for their success in distinguishing themselves from other teams, he said:

We could also have thought we shouldn’t be making music like this, since we already have Punnany Massif and Dead Money and Wellhello, it might not be worth going in a similar direction. But the lineup itself is already presented, we have a rapper and singer. since no one knows Our song has already garnered over sixty million views, giving a huge boost to I stay away And that My mom said He also fled to thirty million. Already at this level, I think songs are relatively permanently embedded in people’s collective consciousness.

The fact that the band’s popularity couldn’t be broken by the pandemic or the long hiatus of the concert shows that there is a basis for that. However, according to Jergo Zacache, all three lived the past period quite differently. However, his resonance has turned out to be quite positive in the sense that he thinks they are on stage now with a lot more awareness and responsibility than they were a year and a half ago.

Boom BLR is the most introverted personality of us! He loved staying at home, gardening, was with his dog, and he made a full recovery. He was as useful for this period as anyone in the country. On the other hand, Kasabi did not survive the epidemic well, was not a producer, and because my favorite in this profession is songwriting and studios, I was able to limit myself, because there was an opportunity for it.

said the singer.

Anyway, I think this period was very good for the production as a whole. When life started anew, it was as if another band had performed. For example, now I sing before concerts and we all sing moderately in the evening, I really feel like the production has grown up. Everyone has gathered their heads and learned how to manage where they are in their lives now and what to do with the influences that affect us – and can be used usefully, as a driving force.

Despite all this, of course, Gergő Szakács was also afraid of whether their fans would stay after the long absence, as the band had to stop in very good shape due to the pandemic. They didn’t know how much the pandemic would affect them, which is why it came as a huge reassurance when their garden was finally filled up for their concert in Budapest.

The hall was never full. But fortunately so far, wherever we’ve gone, there’s been plenty all around. We also played at Jászfényszarun last time, where the mayor said he hadn’t seen many people in his life. There were five thousand of us at that concert in that small town, really shocking! This is why we feel so blessed with our status because they seem curious about the production. And we actually got up on stage by taking over the playlist before, discussing who’s going to play which song. I am very proud of this show. This level of comfort wasn’t inside me yet.

The said park performance is still memorable for the musicians not only because of the crowd, but also because they shot their latest video there. The I’m wrong The short film for the song is Follow the Flow, the first music video directed by Bence Nagy. The composition itself is a more energetic song, which the audience could already hear at concerts – Gergő Szakács says that although the band’s work had a more melancholy tone, especially in the future, the balance would shift towards faster-paced songs. Although the album has not yet been released, the singer is already thinking about the next album, and then starts something completely different.

I used to draw for a long time, but the past three years have mostly been spent writing songs. In fact, I’ve already figured out what it would be like: I want to write another record that we hope to finish by 2023, then I rest writing songs for a year and lie on tattoos. I am very interested in that.

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