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Index – FOMO – Catalin Carrico touched by tears with the nod of Zsuzsa Koncz

“I found this recording of Catalin Carrico (Katie Carrico). Send it to him with respect and love, and of course to anyone else who loves this duo with Zorán,” he wrote in his last Facebook post Zsuzsa Koncz, Dedicated to Catalin Carrico, a world-renowned research biologist and biochemist who holds a patent for a synthetic vaccine technology based on mRNA. Singer, who also often attaches a song Messages, This time he chose Class Trip, performed with Zorán Sztevanovity and Gábor Presser in this recording.

Catalin Carrico has already responded to the entry.

Thank you very much, dear Zsuzsa. You are wonderful as usual my tears flow from the touch

Biochemist Books.

Previously The index also reported thatThat the most famous scientist in the world was recruited by the Socialist State Security during his time in Hungary.

“I knew how the system worked. I was afraid, so I signed the employment document,” said Catalin Carrico, stressing No one was reported in the following years,

He did not harm anyone and was forced to leave the country after being fired from his job.

“I have been doing my research and activities for the past 36 years to treat people. Nobody has been able to break it again, and remove it from my goals,” adding that he considered the case closed with this statement.

By the way, Catalin Carrico on Tuesday morning He can take over Hungarian most prestigious health award. And on the infidels He saidHe hopes people will believe in him and try to convince them, but the truth is that many They are not Their scientific knowledge, so that they can easily believe what they read somewhere on the Internet.

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