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Index – FOMO – Cecília Esztergályos had a hard time in hospital

Cecilia Esztergályos has recently been released from hospital. Kossuth and Jászai Mari award-winning actresses are back for the third time, and had to have surgery on her leg before.

Before the procedure, I had a machine for two weeks that, from head to toe, was like a shield that couldn’t be taken off. It was horrible, I didn’t have much appetite, I lost a lot of weight

He told the best magazine. He also said how good he was in the love he received from fans.

Cecilia Esztergályos revealed that the days he spent in the hospital were difficult, as she was stressed and tense during her stay. Now, however, you can recover at home, where your husband is waiting for your favorite food.

It looks a lot forward, specifically with my favorite Milanese pasta style, Viennese veal, and it would be sour too.

said the actress.

As Cecilia Esztergályos told the magazine how time passes by:

I’m old, old, I’m old. I went to a plastic surgeon last year, and wanted to sew my code, and the doctor said, “No the meaning He’s too old for that.” I haven’t dealt with this since, because if I did, I would be sad and depressed.

Previously index I also mentioned that Cecília Esztergályos did poorly during the performance had become. Then the actress came out of her hip with a bend and was immediately taken to the hospital.

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