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Index – FOMO – David Black could attract millions by selling counterfeit paintings

The evil that surrounds David Black doesn’t seem to be subsiding. The former final candidate for Megastar is currently advanceHe was arrested by the police after searching a house and has since started to arrest him. According to an acquaintance, the first day in prison was broken.

The singer is accused of forging notarial bonds and committing ten crimes against property, and another deal was revealed the other day, he writes: Hints.

David Black is said to have also traded art treasures, at least describing the faux paintings this way. According to his victims, he delivered fakes for millions of solemn among many other things, he also provided a copy of Janus Vaszari’s Madonna Foligno painting to his clients so that he could settle his huge debts. Although he couldn’t tell anyone about it, he definitely managed to sell 15-20 more, according to the newspaper’s source.

Not long ago, last fall, he got into the field of counterfeiting. As far as I know, he had a initially successful deal that brought him forty million. He didn’t do it alone, but he cut a lot on it. He found a forger in Budapest, bought the photos from him, and then “documented” them in an exhibition for about half a million dollars. Unbelievable, but he got there too, he managed to sell a few good fake photos as original assets

– The detective says.

Another client also reported that the singer offered him a painting in exchange for his debts, which he did not accept, saying he wanted a refund. After he refused, David Black also tried to get him to help him sell the fake.

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In addition to artistic treasures, the singer can handle gold nuggets, but it sure is

Accused of fraud with nearly 100 million HUF.

By the way, at the time of his arrest, many of his victims were awaiting trial. Blake He also recordedBlack David is seen being led into the building, handcuffed, while a man sprays insults at him from a distance.