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Index – Fomo – Euphoria at first big concert after Covid

After the decision was published in the Hungarian Gazette that five million vaccines – bound by a protection card, of course – Allow group events, Budapest Park was one of the first concert venues to announce their recent events. Although the largest outdoor entertainment venue in the capital, with a capacity of 11,500 people, officially opened last week, the first major concert, after a break of more than a year, took place only on June 4, last night. András Pálffy, Founding Director of Budapest Park In a previous interview And he explained all this with a short time: he said that a party of this size usually went for half a year, so they had already taken the risk. But they felt it was worth the risk, as many fans were already waiting for the concerts, not to mention the bands and their crews.

On Friday night, Wild Fruttik stood on stage at the nightclub.

It was a huge breath for the band, especially as the event’s hiatus forced them to postpone not only their shows, but also the band’s 15th birthday anniversary party, which was to take place at Papp László Budapest Arena. What a pleasure to be playing live again, we spoke to the bandleader before last night’s performance, but we also spotted Andras Palvi right away, and a few guests told us what feelings were going on after that long concert-free period.

Thousands of crowds celebrated their holidays in Budapest

Although the audience was just hanging out when the gate opened, surprisingly – which is not necessarily the case in Hungary – so many people attended the pre-band performance, the analogue of Balaton. At the entrance, a loudspeaker was alerted to the fact that everyone had to prepare their own security and ID cards in order to get in faster, so entry seemed to go quite smoothly. Early arrivals also received a gift, surprised with a bag of flower seeds hosted by the hostesses at the gate for something they could take with them from the concert as well as experiences.

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With the singer Wild Fruttik, shortly after the orchestra was created, we watched from the stage what was the still empty venue, which filled a crowd of people who celebrated a few hours later. There was a difficult period behind them, said Marcel Lecault, although in the past year it was possible to hold musical and dance events for a short time with a limited number of people, which is not real for them.

If I remember correctly, we last played here last September, but everything was scary. It was like in Chernobyl because only 500 people could come and there was a silent silence all the way back backstage. Compared to that, there is an uproar now. It somewhat felt in post-apocalyptic movies that you could still do some party, but it’s all black and white and atomic ash slowly taking over the world. I remember it all in black and white

explained the head of the introduction, who, along with his fellow musicians, was deeply influenced by the recent period. After parting ways, they worked on an online platform that the singer found incredibly boring, plus she wasn’t overwhelmed by the excitement of everyday life: her biggest adventure was being able to shop. Regardless, he says, it also had a positive payback on what happened.

I started writing songs different from what we are used to. I tried to compose the music in the way that best suits my experimental design. What the audience would say was very important, but if there’s no audience, I play the way I want to. Thus, eight-minute songs were born. But in the end, it was really frustrating. We worked online, never dared to meet each other, and I think everyone experienced it.

When it was announced two weeks ago that music and dance events could begin with 5 million vaccines, it was not yet certain that they would be able to perform without a staff cap. So the musicians did not know what to prepare for at first, but immediately got together to try out the party, which was finally allowed indefinitely with a certificate of protection. Marcel Lecault noted that they were lucky to have already received the vaccination, which is also important because their parents are elderly and haven’t really dared get together lately either.

I was also from covidos and told others not to meet me because I don’t want anyone to catch me because of me.

The singer also added that after all this time, it seems a little weird for us to play together again, so they still have to get used to it. However, even before the concert, he was sure that they would get a massive endorphin boost on stage, which they definitely did, seeing the interest. Even if there weren’t a million guests, as Marcel Lecault had predicted in advance, of course, a lot of people were partying with their songs on Friday night. We received information from the site that

More than 5,000 people were interested in the Wild Fruttik party,

A large number compared to the fact that it was only possible to attend the event with a security certificate, and after a long period of closure, it is currently unpredictable how many people the mass events will be able to move.

(Cover Image: Nora Bogoni/Index)

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