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Index – FOMO – György Korda’s song became the most successful hit of the century and also took Peter Srámek to victory

The Danube Channel Evening on Saturday Night with Peter Ceramek and Gergi Korda Combined Victory Let’s Do the Festival! Presentation finals.

Number one of the century was Lady “N”, by György Korda, created 45 years ago by writer Antal Solimus and composer Otto Schock, based on audience and jury scores. Let’s do the festival! The award-winning star of 2022 was Peter Ceramek.

Zoltán Miller managed to perform on the second stage of the podium with the song Omega Pearl-Haired Girl. In third place came the popular LGT song, I Don’t Give Up! Performed by the pair of King Victor and Freddie.

In the final, nine songs competed with each other; From the title song for the 1934 musical The Fairytale Car, to Caramel’s hit I Fall with the Song, which premiered in the 2000s. The Korda couple also surprised the audience with additional production, as their new song, Pest’s Tale, was shown on television for the first time on Danube.

In the finals, the voting process has changed, firstly only the audience can cast their vote, and in the end, members of the jury can also award bonus points for four songs of their choice.

(via MTI)

(Cover image: The winners are Peter Sramek, presenters Lili Rókusfalvy and Imre Fodor, and jury member György Korda for the Let’s Do the Festival Final! Photo: MTI/Zoltán Máthé)

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