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Index – FOMO – Janos Kolka is not afraid to speak out against the authorities

As mentioned in the catalog by Janus Kolka six years ago, He took a strike in April 2016After that, she had to learn to speak and walk again, and she still has aphasia. The actor, who has since returned to the stage, is still working on his recovery, and also has a mature opinion about what is happening in public life and politics. It’s with János Kulka RTL conducted an interviewwhose short and succinct responses make you feel good, more serious speech may be a problem for the actor.

Since the stroke of award-winning actress Marie Kosuth and Gassai, she has had speech problems, with aphasia who was recently diagnosed So he retires Hollywood movie star Bruce Willist too. Since Kuka is there for both his fellow actor and the popular Die Hard movies, he regrets that Willis was destined to do so.

I read. He’s a poor aphasia… he’s a good actor, I love him

Said Kolka, whose favorite image in Die Hard and Tarpaulin is from Willis.

Kolka, who is depressed after suffering a stroke, tries to escape to books and soap operas.

I watch soap operas, but I’m not addicted. Maybe a little. I read a newspaper, not a book. a novel? no. I read the news online. I read letters from Bavarian Geese. And the biography of Marilyn Monroe was also good. very good. wide

– Tell.

The actor had previously stood out many times through his political and public role, and he sent an open letter to Viktor Urban afterwards. Imre Kerényi for “buzilobbi”. But are you afraid to speak against authority?

Butt! Well why am I afraid

– said Kolka, who also defended gay rights in connection with the April 3 referendum and went to the polls himself, and even participated in a family campaign with Patricia Kovacs. Public life has always been of interest, which is why he talked about the government’s incorporation of the University of Theater and Film, and even In SZFE . demonstrations Kulka also attended.

It was terrible. I demonstrated on Fez Street. And? What is the value of a demonstration? The core of the iris is not left either. Old dry phase? There is no more. It was terrible, he added, and as a result his relationship with fellow supporters of the new university deteriorated. – Better peace. She met Joseph Sarvas while filming the match. hi how are you how are you it was embarrassing . Hello, how is Vidnyánszky? That’s all you asked. This was the talk. awesome.

Despite the fact that the referendum and the events of the SZFE upset Kola, he could not help but deal with the events around him, so he could not exclude politics from his life.

Ukraine, Mariupol. What is happening is horrific. No, I can’t rule it out

She said to RTL An actor who, if not himself, fears children because of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

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(Cover image: Janos Kolka. Photo: Flora P. Tóth/Index)