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Index – FOMO – Jared Leto was at an anti-vaccination rally, receiving tear gas in the face

Already on Friday Only those who can get a job in ItalyIn his pocket is the security card. In the absence of evidence, the employer must send the employee on unpaid leave. Anyone who does not have proof of protection will not lose their job, but will not receive their paycheck and will be replaceable in the long term – which is highly unlikely for residents who are vaccinated.

Jared Leto, singer of the movie Thirty Seconds To Mars, was behind the outbreak at the time. When the epidemic got really serious, it was just one person Attend a 12-day meditation session in the desert, where, in addition to delving into his own thoughts, he also did not speak to his traveling companions, because the procession was voluntarily accompanied by silence. Then, when he returned to the Internet, he shockedly realized that he had not returned to the world from which he had previously embarked on a meditation tour.

We were completely locked up. No phone, no contact. We had no idea what was going on outside the establishment. Yesterday we went out into a completely different world. To one that has changed forever

Jared Leto wrote last year.

The singer was in Italy last weekend, where he took part in a demonstration of the immunization group who were protesting against compulsory vaccination. Leto posted several screenshots of the terrifying experience, while also receiving a shot of tear gas in the face. Based on the text of his post, he may not have participated in the event as a protester, as he mentioned it

I got him out by protesting the mandatory vaccination and protection certificate.

Leto’s documentation was quite frightening, with a recording of even a man with a bleeding head. In the comments section, several Italian fans thanked them for subscribing and expressed their reassurance that their pet survived the protest crowd unharmed. By the way, a comment was made, whose author wrote:

(Cover image by Jared Leto. Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images)