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Index – FOMO – Lajos Galmbos claims MC Hawer stole it and lost ten million to it

According to the artist, the lyrics to the song were written by him, and the music to Sandor Hoffmann, but the copyright money went to another musician, Jeza Kochka, better known as MC Hauer, in recent years.

Lajcsi Lajzi said that the song was born in 1999, at a wedding.

Young women who enjoyed themselves asked me to write a song for them, but to include their favorite drink, vodka, in the music. On the same night, on the way home, a so-called announcement was born when vodka reaches my head, that is, the chorus and the melody too

– said Lajos Galmbos, adding that the song was used by several musicians in the following years, but the Office for the Protection of Rights confirmed that they were the authors.

According to him, he wrote more than 500 songs, often receiving royalties. “However, recently it became clear to me how long ago I saw this title listed. It turns out, because it is not considered my own formation,” he said, then added:

I contacted the law enforcement office, from whom I learned that MC Hawer had recorded this song as a traditional song. This means that it is a popular song or song whose author cannot be determined.

According to Lajos Galmbos, the other musician simply copied his song, although he performs it differently, in rap style, because he should have asked for their permission to do this review as well. He also added that in recent years they have lost more than ten million forints in royalties as authors.

There has already been a theft here and I would like to know who is responsible for it. Lawyer’s office? What?

Whatever the outcome of the case, which can amount to litigation, I would like to be paid retroactively. Unfortunately, it is no longer Sándor alive, but his wife, who is also entitled to royalties. Tell The musician for Blake. The newspaper has contacted MC Hawert in this regard, but he has yet to respond.

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As we wrote, Lajos Galmbos is also implicated in another theft case, but he is in the dock. In this matter Further developments are expected in the fall.

(Cover Image: Patricia Bodnar/Index)