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INDEX – FOMO – Magica and Curtis roaming the stage at the ToiToi toilet

Once again, Peter Majoros and Attila Seki joked about the story that touched Attila Baku, or as the audience knows, Azalea a few weeks ago. You know, about the young singer who was still in a relationship at the time Video has been leaked, showing how he was in close contact with one of his fans backstage at the Szolnok Pancake Festival. Azahriah later tried to explain what happened in the Insta video, which has since been removed, however many in the comment expressed their frustration with the singer’s behaviour.

Majka and Curtis didn’t stop at this camp, and instead shot him with a funny shot: they shot a video that only imitated an intimate relationship with ToiToi’s toilet backstage, as Azahriah did. with each other. Recently, in their performance in Orosháza, they also publicly stood before Azahriah: Majka defended the singer on stage, saying that he said “everyone wants to walk behind the ToiToi toilet, you can’t admit it because you are a gentleman then”. He also added that he wanted to be the one to do it now and then asked for a big round of applause for the young singer. about all this A recording has also been made.

The story also appeared in the first act of the rapper’s double concert in Budapest Park. The Friday party started exactly with

Monica Neres Ferris, then Curtis and Majka also appeared on stage from the toilet of ToiToi.

You can watch the funny introduction here:

By the way, there was a lot at the party on Friday based on the photos posted. The rappers are back on stage tonight, likely in front of a similarly large crowd.

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