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INDEX – FOMO – Norbert Bagusi has reached a milestone

Bagossy Brothers has come a long way. Musicians from Gheorgheni founded their band in 2013, and after a while they established their base in Hungary after a series of successes. They conquered the big stages of festivals in succession and soon their fan base swelled considerably – now arguably one of the most popular bands in Hungary, event organizers are not at risk, as there is always much interest in their advertised performances.

The musicians will take to the stage on January 14 in Budapest Square. Such an event is such a milestone in the lives of all the bands, some of them, even decades into their careers, will not reach the level to fill a venue capable of holding 15,000 people. Of course, thousands of audiences can be brought together at festivals and free city events, but the indie concerts really show how big the audience is that pays for a band, that is, how many people are curious about their songs.

The band is already preparing for the event, and they are rehearsing at the Erzsébetliget Theater, where an on-demand index camera was allowed. In the video below, you can also take a look around the venue, as we spoke to Norbert Bagossy and Attila Tatár about the January 14 production.

Norbert Bagusi has arrived at the Master

Perhaps not everyone knows, but the Bagossy Brothers are running the arena for the second time because they had to postpone the previously announced party due to the event being halted due to the coronavirus pandemic. Of course, the band didn’t get bored during the long break – they set a record and worked behind the scenes to get them ready to start when the concerts finally got the go-ahead. Last summer, when they relaxed some restrictions and allowed live music events under certain conditions, they once again provided an experience reminiscent of the pre-pandemic period, and although they were excited about the omission, they found it rewarding to come close. Arena party.

At the end of the season, we had to decide if we were going to the ring at full strength or maybe we just gave up. I’m really glad we’ve come the way because ticket sales show that there is still demand for this. Not only am I glad that we can play music, but because the audience needs live music, and maybe the attitude to going to concerts hasn’t been closed off much lately. People want to go to concerts – they want to go to the big parties! We are especially happy about that

Happy Attila Tatar.

What it meant to them to perform at the Budapest Sports Arena, and when the moment came when they felt ready for a party of this magnitude, could really be considered a success story with a very beautiful arc. According to Attila Tatar, attendance at club parties, festivals and parties in a Budapest park was a perfect measure of the popularity of the band. The capacity of the garden is not far from the square, and the production of a full-fledged house on such a site is a real landmark – in this case, it is worth thinking about cutting an ax into a larger tree.

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Happy Norbert Bagusi. According to Attila Tatár, in Hungarian light music, the László Papp Sports Arena is a target if the band scores, you might even feel like just about everything from their boot list is done. The guitarist thinks the whole thing is exciting, and then the band can still be creative enough to keep the production interesting for them and their audience for decades to come.

The team is gearing up for the January 14th event with plenty of extras. On the one hand, they had never staged a show this long before, so it was also difficult to choose the songs to be exciting from start to finish. They will also be joined by guest musicians at the concert, although their names are hidden, they revealed so much that Gheorgheni 4S Street It will instill warmth in the audience, which has a good friendship with its members since childhood. Fans from Transylvania will also come to the party, and special carriages will be provided for them thanks to the MÁV – the Hegyilevegő Express touring cars will drive from Brasov to the Eastern Railway Station on Friday morning.

The excitement is also great, and we are really looking forward to the feeling that in an enclosed space, the same crowd, like a crowd of ten thousand people, will start singing with us. I think it can be a scary feeling in a good way. This is one of the things I personally look forward to, for example

Happy Attila Tatar. the event Details can be found here.

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(Cover Image: Tamás Nagy/Index)