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Index – FOMO – Peti Puskás wrote a letter to Róbert Puzsér

As is known, in the ceremonial edition of Partizan Tibor Bakash has criticized Peter Puskas-Dalos with heavy criticism, referring to the period in which he appeared on Megastar. The critical journalist, who was a member of the jury in the search for talent, said that they may have been wrong about Puskas at the time, because Megastar said he was not born to find such numbers. Bakash’s notes also reached the person concerned, who soon became public Trim it on Facebook. What happened to his wife was not left without a word, and later He was defended by Alex singer actor.

Also from the pen of Robert Puzsér these days Writing was born, in which author Petit Puskás criticizes with barbs. This article, which was published in the opinion section of the index, was already unveiled by Peter Majoros – the presenter and rapper will soon appear on the index page as well. Reaction to his critical words, detailing what he believes in Puzsér. Then the publisher thought of arranging Majka in another rank Opinion But this time he focused mainly on the person of the presenter, so he did not treat him with a gloved hand at all. Not long after, Peter Majoros a He cut his Facebook page him, indicating, among other things, that he did not wish to continue the conversation.

Pete Puskas has only one so far Reaction in half a sentence To what happened, stressing that he still did not understand why he had become a “target of the older generation’s narrators.” He did all this on the part of his community, and he also thanked many for his critics. Presumably, however, public conversations between Robert Boozer and Peter Majoros may have upset him again, as he detailed his thoughts on what happened in an open letter addressed to the critic on Friday night.

Dear Robert! I am writing to you kindly because when we met in person, you were always very nice to me anyway. At the same time, I find it quite amusing that compared to accusing me of a noticeable itch, you’ve been writing about and despising me for days (thank you, I would have been happy without it), but in the end, what else would be the preoccupation of the country’s leading tabloid journalist. However, I still think that journalism is a nobler profession than the Christian Berkey litigation, but you put yourself in the guise of publicity, you know better

The actor and singer began his letter and then explained why he finally decided to respond publicly to Robert Bossier’s opinion of him. He writes that Tibor Bakash’s speech really hurts him, because he felt rude to study justice, but Robert Bossier left it completely cold, because he was sure that he would formulate something in time. The critic thinks that he is like an observer: he walks with everyone who walks by the fence – which is why he thinks it unnecessary to give too much importance to his writing or to feel pride in addressing him.

Said Puskas, who supposes that if he had already addressed him, Robert Bosser is familiar with his work, but in his letter he is ready to sum up the secret of his success as he would say. First of all, he thanked him for “being a normal kid,” he said, and was trying to do it, because his parents, who were also actors, taught him to do it, and that everyone in any situation deserves respect. Also, what is believed to have led to success is situational awareness.

I’ve been on Megastar 15 years ago, where I was also very nice, but I left the show 4th, so I finished 8th. The next day, I borrowed 130 thousand forints from my sister-in-law’s husband and friend Palaz, with whom we got to know each other personally, because your friend and maybe we even drank together on his birthday.

– He detailed the initial difficulties of Puskas’ career, adding that he got a digital piano out of loan and then wrote five songs with musicians he met on the show the following week, making it his first song from the then-Megastar series. He writes that after that he paid off the loan from his summer performances, began to attend singing lessons, and also financed two clips. Then he spoke about his cinematic, theatrical and musical successes during his career, as well as about important issues as a public figure through associations that he finances mainly with his own money.

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He also evaluated his television achievements, but stressed that due to the Covid situation, he is now focusing mainly on his squad, as he is responsible for a team of 20 people who need to provide jobs. He also noted that he is a vegetarian who can be seen at several points in his lifestyle in addition to his food, and added that he often volunteers at animal and nature events. He also asserted that he painted the wall of a children’s hospital with Mayor Girgili Karacsonni, but also that he planted wood with Balázs Fürjes and Minister István Nagy, because if they see the world differently in many things, there are common causes with which he is happy to join.

We don’t have to agree with you on anything, although we certainly won’t. Anyway, as long as you treat others, I’ll stick with the nice title. Because I also learned this from my parents: Always be generous with others, for life is short for frivolity.

He stressed that he made many mistakes in his life, but he always tried to learn from them, as he certainly does from the current situation. For example, the fact that there are things he thinks are unnecessary to respond to, but he does now. Why wrote:

It really pains me that in a very harmonious family environment I have to deal with the reassurance of my loved ones that all is well, there are only people who derive their income from it to criticize others. I really hope I can still provide you with a topic for a good long time! Thanks for your attention! Good luck, dear Robert!

You can read the full letter by Peter Puskas-Dallos here:

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