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Index – FOMO – Prince Charles invited Harry to England, they go on one condition

The royal couple who are currently in America, Harry and Meghan, have been invited to the UK by Prince Charles, but their journey there isn’t exactly easy.

Harry and Meghan Markle are already in Spring 2020 left behind The British Monarchy – And Their Royal Duties – To Move To America. The couple has since been able to enjoy the attention he’s getting in the States, as Harry advertiserYou feel unable to return to the UK if they do not receive police protection.

a Mirror According to his information, Prince Charles invited Harry and Meghan Markle with their children to live with him for a while, hoping that he would finally be able to see his grandson, Lillibit, for the first time. Although the girl was already in June last year BoyHe has not met his grandfather since then. As it turns out, Charles had already raised the possibility before Christmas, which isn’t a bad idea, considering it would be the first time the whole family will get together again since Harry and Meghan said goodbye to their royal duties. A source in the newspaper also reported that the family had been in contact by phone in recent months. And the Prince of Wales was very sad that he could not spend time with Harry’s children.

However, it remains questionable whether this meeting can ever take place, as Harry does not want to set foot in the UK until he is given protection. However, Dai Davis, the former head of the royal family’s protection team, said Harry could not decide when to seek protection. Mentioned only as an example that when II. Queen Elizabeth’s only daughter, Princess Anna, was wanted for a kidnapping in 1974, and did not receive full day protection. Insiders say the Queen does not intend to comply with Harry’s request either, so it could easily be that Prince Charles won’t see Lillibet for a while.

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(Cover Photo: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on October 17, 2018. Photo: Chris Jackson – Paul/Getty Images)