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Index – FOMO – RTL Club launches a series of comics for chefs, to complement our small village

March 1, 2022 11:15

The channel announces the presentation of a new series, The Chef and the others, in the middle of this month, and another season coming to our small village.

RTL . Club the side A new series from the channel will be shown on March 19 from eight in the evening.The chef and the others The sitcom, whose main director is of golden life Known as Zsolt Anger.

The plot of the series is set around a high-end Budapest restaurant, Monet, where alcoholic chef Jiuzzo (Zoltan Schneider), who is addicted to sports betting, also works. In addition, the restaurant makes its living from a fishmonger with a past in the underworld, a stick-knife ingenuity, a stuttering chef, a hot French pastry maker, and a versatile Russian chef.

Although the chef has trouble with his colleagues, whom he considers fools, according to his own account, only he can handle them.

Milan (J├ęger Zsombor), whom the chef teaches to become a real chef, also begins work in the restaurant. But the situation is complicated by the fact that Milan is immersed in a nightly adventure with the managing director of the place, Wiki (Dobos Evelin), before taking his job.

Our little village Fans can also rejoice, as the announcement also indicates that the series will return on March 19 with another season that will be the sixth in a row. The information also reveals that the first episode will be available on RTL Most+ from Saturday morning, which can be watched on TV from 8:30 PM.

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As they wrote, the new season also had a surprise, as Sassi wants to find an apartment in Bagkasij, but in the end she needs Lacy’s help, because she does not go as easily as she expected. Moreover, Erika’s parents also come to Pajkaszeg to look for a simple thing they had forgotten there, but find the house empty.