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Index – FOMO – Sándor Révész has been released from hospital

15/4/2020 14:55

Sándor Révész on the community page reported good news: after a month of his strike, he was finally able to come home from the hospital.

In the middle of March He was taken to the hospital due to a strokein pix Sándor Révész, who reported his condition to his fans in a video message at the time. Next to the recording, the operator of his Facebook page wrote that his doctors said the strike affected the singer’s right side, but fortunately the call center and damaged jobs were not restored.

Another on April 2, Sándor Révész by video message He scored to show his followers how much he has improved since he was admitted to the hospital. He was in the institution for 17 days at that time, where, as stated in his record, he had very difficult days: he could not move his right hand or right leg. The improvement can be seen in the posted video: Sandor Reeves walking with his cane.

On Thursday, the operator of the singer’s Facebook page posted good news: he showed with photos how Sándor Révész left the hospital.

The first two shots were taken yesterday – goodbye to the dear visitor from the hospital balcony – and the third was taken today, when I had to stop to pick up onions on the way home. It’s 2:41 p.m.

The record also revealed that Sándor Révész’s rehabilitation will continue in his home in Mecsek, which is one of the most undisturbed points in the country, where everything is provided for physical and mental recovery.

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