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Index – FOMO – that’s it! Majdi Rosa quickly deleted the joint photo with Péter Szijjártó

Such that Previously mentionedLast night, Peter Szijjarto and Magdi Rosa took a selfie at the singer’s concert in Keszthely on Viviera Beach.

“It was a great night, it’s good to be with you again!” – wrote on his Facebook page, Peter Sigarto, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

As Rosa Magdy mentioned about the meeting on Instagram, in her previous post, she wrote it with pleasure

It was a huge party, Kestle!!! Civilly speaking, even the foreign minister attended Magdy’s concert with his family.

However, his post disappeared after a short time and is no longer available on the social network.

At the moment, it is a mystery why the singer decided to do this, but he could easily have been the subject of a number of attacks due to the joint photo, as well as Majka a few weeks ago.

Such as We have already written about itRecently, the outspoken rapper also appeared alongside Péter Szijjártó, but he didn’t pocket what he got next.

Of course, I took the Kossuth Prize and licked it for the government. People are always surprised by the reaction

The Bliknik Perhaps on the attacks, noting that he would never be a musician close to the government because he thought the artist should represent the current opposition, and you can tell he never praised the government anyway.

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