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Index – FOMO – The birth story of Eniko Mihalik can be seen in the video

2021.07.25. 17:26

However, Eniko Mihalek’s baby was born at dawn on Friday Because of a post on Instagram Many had already guessed that the little boy had arrived. A few days later, the model also used the photo splitter for the big announcement, which was presented in it Eva Rose Kourani girl.

Nowadays, writing a birth plan is very fashionable, and mothers are also happy to hear or tell birth stories. Enikő Mihalik has been vlogging for days, and I could feel the closeness of the big moment. It is clear from the footage that the model has gone through hard times, however She wanted to give birth without anesthesiaAfter experiencing pain for several days, he finally decided that an epidural pain reliever would still be helpful.

The model thought she was being tortured by phantom pain, but her partner decided it would be best if they head to the hospital. Although Mihalek wasn’t sure it was a good idea, her husband was excited about her and the baby’s health.

We didn’t have to ask them to start the delivery to end my pain, they immediately took me to the maternity ward

The model said in her vlog.

In the end, Mahalik did not regret asking for anesthesia despite his plans, though he added that no one had prepared him for four days of uncertainty and pain, despite good preparation and the state.

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