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Index – FOMO – The Rolling Stones continue their tour without the drummer

It was released on August 5 Telecommunications The band in which Charlie Watts, who has been playing the drummer since 1963, underwent medical intervention after he needed rest and recuperation. Stones did not provide information on the type of surgery Watts had.

A spokesperson for the band said Watts’ surgery was a success, but the drummer’s doctors won’t allow him to participate in the No Filter tour, which runs September 26 (for now). Training begins in a few weeks, as Watts is replaced by Steve Jordan, who has been playing alongside Keith Richards for years.

I know the timing is bad. I am working to get it to be in top condition as soon as possible, but for now I agree with the advice of the experts. Our fans are still suffering because of Covid, but they insisted on their tickets, and they don’t want to be disappointed by postponement or cancellation of dates. That’s why I asked my good friend Steve Jordan to jump for me right now

Watts said.

in 2017 I started The European stops on the No Filter Tour spanned two years, playing the Rolling Stones in front of over a million and a half fans. The North American concerts were to begin in April 2019 in Miami, but Mick Jagger was hospitalized, so seventeen dates had to be postponed. After Jagger recovered, the band returned to concert on June 21, and their postponed concerts were pushed back to the end of August.

Fifteen new concerts were recorded for the tour in the United States and Canada on February 6, 2020, but due to the coronavirus epidemic on March 17 of the year, the scheduled dates were postponed from May to July 2020, with the concert scheduled. Late September 2021 only returning to the Rolling Stones.

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Steve Jordan also talked about sitting in place of Charlie Watts, who is considered the most stylish member of the Stones. Jordan said it was a great honor to be asked to do the job, but at the same time he would be very happy with Watts standing behind the drums and the real drummer sitting behind the stones.

Charlie Watts, now eighty, was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2004 and recovered with radiotherapy. In 2011, he told the BBC he believed he would die of the disease. “I thought it was. You’ll get cancer and die. I’ve had my lymph nodes taken out, I’ve had six weeks of radiotherapy and the cancer seems to have been gone for five years,” he said at the time.

The drummer did not even think about retiring due to illness. 2018, awarded to NME in his interview Talk about how often he thinks the Rolling Stones have too much.

At the end of each round, I thought that was it. I wish once We are really done, then at the same time everyone will say “Well, let it be over”, but there will be no quarrels or anything like that, you can not stand it, it will be a sad moment. But announcing that this is the last show, isn’t necessarily. I would have played the same way I played yesterday or today.