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Index – FOMO – The singer with cancer got another chance

20.07.2021. 05:51

The result of Mark Hobbs’ investigation has arrived. It appears that chemotherapy for several months has been effective.

As the index previously wrote, the Blink-182 guitarist announced at the end of June on his community page He has been diagnosed with cancer. Since then, it was also revealed that the musician had a type of tumor that had previously attacked his mother’s body, but was able to overcome the disease. In a video chat, he explained it Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma He also revealed that the disease had attacked a large part of his body, doctors say he is already in stage 4 (completely 4-a).

Hoppus also said he will be tested this week to see if the chemotherapy he’s had in recent months is effective. He reported the results of the investigation on his Twitter account on Monday evening.

Tests show that chemotherapy works! I still have months of therapy ahead of me, but that’s the best news possible! I’m so grateful, but also a little confused, I also got sick of chemotherapy last week. But the poison that the doctors inject me, the good thoughts and the wishes of the people around me are eradicating cancer! I fight more…

Read Mark Hobbs’ post.

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