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Index – FOMO – There are more surprises in this year’s X-Factor

Once up and down, a mood prevailed on the stage of Jubilee X-Factor’s second livestream. Looking at the early productions, even the jury members themselves reported feeling inferior, but later it looked as if we had already seen a work of composition where the long-awaited catharsis finally arrived.

Last night’s show started in very bright colors. ByeAlex entered the studio in a red hairstyle, even in the shape of a broken heart on the side of her head. Gáspár Laci shone in yellow in front of him, and at first glance his necktie seemed to have been fired – however, since the show as a whole has not been modified, this may have been the original concept.

After the usual chirping, the first contestant, the youngest of the season, took the stage. The great 14-year-old Regina Martina A New York, New York He came to the second live show with a Hungarian adaptation of the song titled Zsuzsa Cserháti. As it turned out, Regina herself chose music because it was the family’s favorite. He also managed to sing the song well, albeit a little permanently, which all three guides liked except Gáspár Lacin.

You have the charisma, talent, radiance, and strength on stage that 30-40 year olds would envy. If I think about the girls category, I have to say again that I want this category more because of you

Bai Alex paid tribute to the young contestant who finally got a seat on the chair.

Mehranger Marcy Kings of Lyon use somebody He took to the stage with his song, but he also felt that something slipped in his production. Although the mentors had previously called him the likely winner of the season, this time he didn’t even get a chair from them, and at the crucial moment he seemed to say goodbye to the show.

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Nejad Flora from Tabatabai performed her own song for the second live show, as many did before in previous shows. By the way, the contestant was lucky enough to work with his adorable favorite, Krisztián Burai, on said song, on which he had high hopes, and in the end it was not a success for either the mentors or the audience. Although Puskás-Dallos Peti tried to protect his pupil by saying that a dirty money Telling a family story, Laci Gáspár and Adél Csobot felt that this message had not reached them and that Flora had to wait to get the song.

It was no coincidence that Paulina’s yellow outfit went so well with the Gáspár Laci ensemble, that it turns out the guide had designed the outfit herself. The competitor is Katie Kovacs It must stop now He hit the stage with his song that eventually left a sense of inferiority to many. However, the jury decided he had a place in the next broadcast, so he was offered a chair.

After four productions, life suddenly moved on stage. Mardol arrived with his own number, which he performed with his signature card, seasoned with a dose of facial expressions, dancing and of course a bit of nudity. Rappers even rolled Pete Puskas on stage, who couldn’t help but show that he was already married, and that the ring was blooming on his finger. The jury was also pleased with Mardoll’s production, so he could take a seat next to Regina and Paulina.

The Harmonies cemented Adél Csobot’s category as the only girl group. The team is T. Danny The last time I cried for you She sang the song that the girls had already sung to the same author before. Girls can climb into the top three with four yeses, and the great Regina Martina has been given their place.

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The series’ creator, Alee, contracted follicular tonsillitis this week, which made preparing for it especially difficult. By the way, the rapper revealed behind the scenes that many have hurt and shocked him at a younger age by pushing him: he will never be anyone. With his new song, he now stabs them there, even trying to improve the mood on the stage with a boxing match. Although Alee’s production last night wasn’t entirely successful, she was soon able to switch seats with the girls at The Harmonies.

Camila Firenze was the last to take the stage. His performance was like a script as he sang in the Café Roma in Oradea I’m just graduating The four guides stood aside and applauded for the audience. Those in the chair also had cause for concern, as Camilla had apparently been given a chair, which Mardol eventually handed over to the audience.

At the end of the evening, as usual, the audience decided the fate of the contestants. The result surprised many, including Puskas-Dalos Petit, who was suddenly forced to bid farewell to two of his teachers. Regina Martina Nagy still received a mentors chair in the first round after her production, but after the audience set it up, she was finally voted out of the show. With Nejad Flora Al-Tabtabaei.

Next week’s show in light of what happened may also hold some surprises. Which rider will be able to stand on top of the podium at the end of this year’s series is highly doubtful, as that ground is still shaky and any of them could turn in their favour – just as the ball step is sufficient and everything that has been built so far leans.

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(Cover image: X-Faktor’s second live show. Photo: RTL Klub)