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Index – FOMO – Utilities and inflation were also discussed at the Péter Geszti . party

Held between July 28 and July 30 jam jam The morning of his first night began to celebrate quite differently from other festivals, because the concerts here don’t last until dawn, so you can get enough rest for the next day, which starts surprisingly early.

Despite the heat from eight in the morning, Friday began with an average summer season in Balaton in Zamardi: some went to breakfast, while others went straight to the beach. The festival programming also supports getting up early – although the tour showcasing the treasures of Zamardi, which was announced at 9am, was canceled on that day, perhaps no one would have thought about it due to the rather high temperature. However, movement has begun in other parts of the city, and in addition to vacationers and locals, more and more people can be seen wearing slumber wristbands on the street.

Various cultural programs, such as the Gallery of Fine Arts or the Literary Terrace, are also waiting for the guests on Friday, to our great sorrow, the gastronomic program that began at noon on the balcony of the Mall was missed, so everyone was stocked up for the evening in their own way, in the shadow of the Balaton buffets. Although the first day was already very inviting, on Friday, when we were already at Lake Balaton, a short spot was also included, and apparently this was also the biggest plan of the others for the day, people kept flocking to the shore.

As on Thursday, live music concerts began on the observation deck, and András Lovasi was responsible for the good atmosphere on the stage, which attracted quite a few people to the small and somewhat high location, who could enjoy the wonderful panoramic views complimented by the music.

Time flies by in the warm city of Balaton, and at the end of the Lovasi party, the sun was already out. At that time, German Jazzanova was already playing on the main stage, but this area of ​​the festival was still almost empty at seven in the evening – only a few hundred people were hanging out on the lake plaza, while many of them were people sitting in the shade waiting Carole Horvath Charlie, who arrived three quarters of an hour later, and to his squad. The 74-year-old singer with a hoarse voice and award winner Ferenc Liszt was one of the main performers of the day, who, with the exception of a few minutes of delay, took to the stage before eight.

“We thought there would be no one today.”

In the half hour leading up to production, the eerily empty space was already filled with many people R-GO takes the stage on the first night, the singer attracted fewer people to Zamjam – nearly half the number who started the day before. Although Charlie wasn’t really interested in her when the opening chords rang, a Scandinavian nights After his song, he said that maybe there could be a little more.

We thought there would be no one today, there were so few before. thanks for coming!

said the singer, and the audience erupted in thunderous applause.

The band, who had been playing together for years, despite the fact that their production lacked any external show elements – such as special lights, smoke or dancers – loved the audience, and the attendees sang nearly every number with the musician, I hope the night brings a good sleep or the Double Ice WhiskeyAnd upon hearing the songs “Phil”, the whole festival exploded in song.

private audience

As Zamjam announced, this is no ordinary music festival, and this is evident in the audience. Apparently, fans who grew up on Charlie’s songs really came to experience the unforgettable concert, which they got, without taking out their phones even for a minute to record what they saw and then uploading the videos to their social media sites. In Balaton Sound or Sziget, this would be almost unimaginable, at concerts hundreds of phones are lifted into the air at the same time aimed at the performers … But people came here to have a good time, in honor of those who take the stage with the utmost respect.

Dad jokes, come to me!

People could not get up, Al Charlie bid farewell to the audience with the song “New York, New York”, which at this time swelled to a volume similar to the crowd the night before. Péter Geszti, who played Rapülűk and Jazz + Az songs, arrived with a completely new and funky lineup. There was no shortage of good vibes at the concert, occasionally peppered with a phrase reminiscent of dad’s embarrassing jokes. There was hardly a path a witty – or less intelligent – monologue did not follow.

Oh God, don’t do this!

Petiék Marics and Robi Szikora are probably the happiest in fact conducted more than one day With the saucer of predators, who Even after the first songs, the duo Valmar earned some money With hidden and unhidden criticism: I declare that tonight there will surely not be any hymns of the Lord’s Prayer here, for they will not participate in it. The statement was not an absolute success among the audience, some of them started clapping to express their approval, while others apparently started to feel more uncomfortable due to what they heard.


The completely unorthodox atmosphere and sound, the image of the stage, the constantly rotating graphics and small video clips on the projector initially gave the impression that Wellhello entered the theater with the arrangements of Geszti. The audience went mad at the numbers running through the cracks, and the dancers’ feet did not stop almost all evening, only when Geszti began another soliloquy.

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There were times when he tried to get the public to respond to questions such as “those who have already suffered from the coronavirus should raise their hands” or “those who have received Pfizer, Moderna or even Sinopharma should raise their hands.” In addition to vaccinations, he also discussed unleashing inflation and a significant increase in utility prices at the concert, and initiated a consultation among the public – although it could not be called patriotic.

It’s a gesture

In addition to the lyrics, the singer’s language was also good for the songs, after the lesser-known numbers, the really popular Geszti numbers also appeared, and the evening turned out to be a huge party. The audience danced until they suffocated to the songs of the performer who gave a particularly great show – on the dance floor, presenter Gabriela Jakobczyk also performed her non-stop tenderness There is more!The holiday rap or the It will get worse to evergreen.

Although most of the audience would have attended until morning, the audience applauded in vain after the text “Geszti berekestsi” and the procession, the performer pointed out that unfortunately they really had to go, because according to the rules, you cannot play music on the main stage after 11 pm – so it Missed showing up. People left the area in front of the main platform with great hesitation, some went home yawning, others said goodbye to the Friday of the festival, trying to go to the after party in front of the VIP tent.

(Cover image: Péter Geszti. Photo: Tamás Kaszás/Index)