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Louis the Great The captain confirmed that he is very pleased that this big name has strengthened the overall framework of the team preparing for the summer tournament in Kosice. Featured:

Roland Juhász and Péter Czvitkovics perfectly meet his expectations not only in game skills but also in human terms.

For the continental match scheduled for 4-11 June He will only appoint him later The narrow frame of 15 people from the current field of 32 people.

In the European Championship, the best result of the Hungarian mini-football team so far was the bronze medal, and in the last global competition held in Perth, Australia before the pandemic, they became the fourth team in the World Cup.

Roland Johas And so he told the indicator about the new challenges.

As a top fielder, junior football is usually banned in a contract, which I’ve always respected, despite the fact that I’ve loved the previous NB I winter football tournaments, for example. Now, however, there was no stopping me from joining the mini football team. I didn’t think much after the invitation, because to wear the coat of arms at any level is an honor. I have known Captain Laius Nagy for a long time, which also eased the situation, and after the first training I had great impressions of the game and the medium.

Said the former player from Wehrvar.

Roland Juhász: Things went differently

Professional players are willing to give it up a bit after they retire, but without being flattered, she’s still in great shape.

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Thank you, in fact, even though I quit the big pitches entirely, I wasn’t ashamed of foot tennis, bench ball, running and conditioning at all, I still play sports almost every day. This is a must for small football, where you have to paddle up and down, left and right, without stopping, when you are above or on the field of play.

Positions are blurred on smaller pitches, and everyone has to play their part in attack and defence. It’s a big help because he started his career as a striker so he doesn’t feel uncomfortable in front of goal either.

Anyway, there are in-field roles here as well, but I can absolutely benefit from my experience as a striker. In addition, point kicks also play an important role, and I hope to be able to help the team with them as well.

How much can Roland Johas and Peter Czetkovic be pioneers in small football?

We don’t even have experience, so it will be difficult to answer this question clearly. However, my experience is that after they retire, professional soccer players usually try to find some extra sports, and junior soccer can be a great opportunity for them. I wouldn’t be surprised if more and more people join in the future, and I urge everyone to do the same.

Normally, it’s not certain that you should attend this event in the capital, but with Imre Szabics and Sándor Torghelle to check out Fehérvár’s professional work.

In fact, things went differently. It is difficult to prove that the situation in football can change quickly. I seem to follow what happens to Vidi on a daily basis, I’ve been a club player for nine years and had one of the most beautiful periods of my career there. From a two-month perspective, you’ve made things clear inside of me, and I know what we might have to do differently or what I should pay attention to in the future if I reappear with a team. I don’t want to give up that part either, luckily you can fit in my time with the mini soccer team.

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(Cover image: Roland Juhász. Photo: Péter Papajcsik/Index)