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“We’re going to England to win too announce Zolt Nagy After the match against the Germans Standing in the crosshairs of journalists. – Starting today, we’ve proven once again that there is no unstoppable opponent. From the inside, it looked more like a win than a match, despite the fact that the Germans played very well.”

“I was so happyAnd the Every important moment of my career passed in my mind and even my life was fluttering He remembers what happened in the sixth minute after his goal. – I didn’t think I’d score against the Germans. Not a few days ago I was even going to play at all, once again a big thank you to the medical staff for the opportunity to put it together. I am very proud that I made it this far.

I broke match after match against Wales.

It was my first match as a regular in the national team and I received a lot of negative messages after the defeat. But even then, I tried to push myself to move on, and focus only on the positive. And now I stand here with a goal scored by the Germans. I will sign if I score a goal in every tenth match for the national team.”

He was not far from the goal Adam Martin sem. The Paks NB I goals king had two promising headers in the remaining 20 minutes, but Manuel Neuer managed to defend with both.

“I’ll look back how they were. In hindsight, it would be easy to say there was more inside of them, the others said at first, I could take it off, but what to do, I didn’t have eyes in the back. It’s inside, and next time he’ll go.” He said lightly. – It’s not easy to get into a match like this, especially since that level is a long way from the matches I’ve been able to play mostly during the season. I’m glad I’ve got more chances now than I used to, I feel like I’m working to speed up more and more and it won’t be a problem here.”

And what can a striker do if he finds himself facing opponents much tougher than the defenders of NB I Stadium?

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“He believes in tactics and tries to stick to and implement what the master asks as accurately as possible. It is not always easy because the national team plays almost completely different style than I could play in Pak during the season. But there are exercises for me to learn as much as possible, to get used to the job. required of me here. I will continue to do so. And we can’t ask for a better stimulus than what we experienced here today. I can’t even tell you it feels good, it shook the cold, but I can’t describe what I felt when I first went out on the field. Joe wasn’t Puskas Arena is unknown, but there was not much in the Hungarian Cup final or against Serbia. For the first time in my life, I was able to play in front of sixty thousand people. I hope to get more of these matches.” Adam Martin said.

Those four points look very good, and we should have no choice but to go out into the game the way we want to win. The English will have a desire for revenge, we have defeated them here

he added.

“Everything applauded in today’s match, very good crowd, very good opponent, performance of the show team. They may have had more ball, but after the first 30 minutes they couldn’t hurt us either. Depending on the situations, maybe we were better, it’s a pity that In the end no goal was scored by Adam Martin’s big heads.I also told him in the locker room she was left in his big head now…but it was just a joke, he was in pretty good shape both times, he struggled, he got in really well, and he was That’s important now. It was useful.” He frowned, then praised Adam Adam Adam Martin.

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The German team was unable to take a shot in the second half. According to Lang, this was also due to the fact that our national team moved in a more organized defense after the break, keeping the ball and passing around the ball man under the appropriate pressure. That’s a nearly flawless second by 45 minutes against the four-time world champion.

“Well, they wore two in one, but that’s luck, and Willy (Urban – editor) read the pass well and managed to save it. Other than that, they had no other choice.” Said Lang, who is proud to celebrate his 50th national team (also), adding that he will be in the top three on Saturday night between his matches on the national team.

“The European Championship match against the Portuguese, which is probably closest to my heart” announced.

To Peter Gulacci At first it was his colleague in the German national team, Manuel Neuer, then, like Neuer, Thomas Muller, who played for Bayern Munich. The House of Representatives in Leipzig and the goalkeeper of the Hungarian national team began to assess themselves.

I wanted to squeeze her, she felt like she didn’t hit the ball, or even if she did, she wouldn’t be able to control her… She’s always smarter. Maybe if I stayed in the gate, I’d have more chances

The 32-year-old footballer recalled the German equalizer.

“I feel the team is getting stronger in handing the ball, we have definitely improved in this. With the ball or without the ball we can be a little higher against the best opponents, these are all forward-looking things. As a player in the Bundesliga the defense against the Germans is at a level Certain is a special thing, I mostly play against players that I have my own experience with. It’s even more special when we play against such an opponent at home, in front of such a fan base. The atmosphere, even the Germans noticed, was very exciting.” Peter Galaxie has been added.

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Next time Hungary will play against England in Wolverhampton. Tuesday’s game will start at 8:45 PM.

Group 3, Round 3

Hungary – Germany 1–1 (Zs. Nagy 6 and Hoffman 9)
England – Italy 0-0

group status: 1. Italy 5 (3-2), 2. Hungary 4 (3-3), 3. Germany 3 (3-3), 4. England 2 (1-2)

Round 4 (Tuesday 14 June)
20.45: Germany and Italy

Round 5 (23 September)
20.45: Italy – England

Round 6 (26 September)
Hungary and Italy
20.45: England and Germany

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