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“Unfortunately, because of the mistakes that were made, the road is over, and the two defeats against the Albanians still hurt a lot,” said Marco Rossi.

We need to prepare for the future, and this will be reflected in the two matches we have now, to which I invited some players, specifically from the point of view of proving their place in the national team. I am thinking in particular of Balondh Botond and Kiss Tamás, and I hope their example will be a catalyst for other young footballers as well.

We have plans to develop and build the team, which is only important for next year’s League of Nations, where our opponents will be only top teams in Division A.

Pointer wondered if by looking back at the playoffs and going back in time to the captain, there was something he would do differently or perhaps change.

It’s a tough question, we’ve re-watched and analyzed every match several times, especially the matches against the Albanians. Almost everyone would play it differently if they could, but I actually took responsibility for the mistakes and still take responsibility for them to this day. We were unlucky, but unfortunately time travel isn’t possible, so we can’t change things anymore.

The coronavirus has bypassed the initial plans of the professional staff in several ways, and although several club teams recently tested the patience of the Fed captain when players were not given up or reassigned earlier, Rossi joked that it was certainly beneficial to his character development.

Replacing the missing – Roland Sallai, László Kleinheisler and Péter Gulácsi – is of course problematic, but the captain does not focus on those who are not, but on who he can count on.

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Adam Adam After the betrayal, on Friday against San Marino, the obvious goal is for the national team to outperform the opponent with a convincing and dominant game and serve an enthusiastic Hungarian fan base.

The pointer asked the Cypriot Omonia defender if the players had come together to discuss past match experiences and the challenges ahead, what the mood and team consensus is now, what amount is missing, and that the first two places were practically missing. I swam away in the group.

There was no problem in the atmosphere in the last period, the team is made of great people, both human and professional. We always have to sit down together and talk things through, we did now when everyone got to Telki. The plan is to close the World Cup qualifiers well and make everyone happy, including the players and drivers.

Lang scored his only goal in the national team against Andorra 5 years ago, he also wants to go from one to two and is confident that perhaps after the scored positions he can get into the gate against San Marino and double his nationwide figure. Team.

The match between Hungary and San Marino starts at 20.45 on Friday and, as usual in the index, we will announce the latest Hungarian World Cup qualifiers with coverage and on-site coverage.

(Cover Image: Tamás Kaszás/Index)