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I have officially started To Ralph Rangnick At Manchester United, the new head of the “Red Devils” spoke about why he had not accepted Chelsea’s offer recently while potential transfers were also in the spotlight at the club.

The squad clinched Thursday night under the guidance of trusted coach Michael Carrick 3-2 success He beats his old rivals Arsenal, but over the weekend the 63-year-old German coach was already in charge of the guard.

Few might know, but when things went wrong with Chelsea earlier this year, Londoners saw Rangnick as one of Frank Lampard’s potential successors, but he didn’t want a temporary coaching job at the time, and the rest was history, led by the coach. Thomas Tuchels “The Blue” won the Champions League and the current championship is held after 14 rounds.

In his first press conference, Rangnick explained the difference between what Chelsea and Manchester United offered him.

At the time Chelsea approached me, they were only talking about the option of me becoming an interim coach for four months. At Manchester United, we’re talking about six months, and there are two more years of advisory roles

The coach confirmed the previous news.

If Manchester United contact you to offer you this role, you cannot turn it down. This one, if not the biggest club in the world, is quite challenging, but I’m more than happy with this player structure.

And Rangnick, who previously spoke of not accepting London’s request because he was going to become a “manager for four months” in the eyes of the media and players, added that his fate would have been decided from day one.

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The squad will face Crystal Palace on Sunday in their Premier League debut for Rangnick, but British tabloids are already preoccupied with the transfer window.

According to local press reports, six players could leave, including Edinson Cavani, who, according to The Times, wants to sign for Barcelona at the end of the season. Besides him, Paul Pogba, Jesse Lingard, Diogo Dalot, Anthony Martial and Donny van de Beek can also leave the “Red Devils”.

Pops up for each worthy senior team regarding potential entrants Erling Haaland Noun. However, it is unlikely that the young Norwegian striker Dortmund – who arrived annually from his birth to Red Bull Salzburg with the intervention of a German specialist, and Rangnick is now very happy with the current frame.

We haven’t talked about the arrival of new players. Now is the time to get to know in depth the current framework, which is certainly not narrow. We have enough players. There may be some time after Christmas to talk about potential winter transfers, but in my experience, the January period is not the one to solidify the best. Haaland is a great striker, and I know that very well, since I was there at Salzburg at the time of his contract, and since then the whole world has been able to see how exciting he is. Few have believed in him for two years. I am very happy with the current squad, we have a lot of great players in the offensive department, no need to talk about the other strikers.

He considers it an important task of stabilizing the defense of the group, but of course he did not go without saying that he could not afford it even at the age of 36 Cristiano Ronaldo Not even in its form.

My main goal is to make the team more balanced. We scored two goals yesterday, and if we look at the total return, we can see that we average two goals, which is a lot. We want to finish the best season possible, but we have to be realistic, the difference between us and the top three is big now, but we will see what the future holds. You should always adapt your game and style to the players available, not the other way around. Seeing the second half of Cristiano Ronaldo yesterday at the age of 36… Amazing, a true professional. I’ve never seen anyone his age in such a physical condition, and he can still easily make a difference for your team. At the same time, it is about developing the whole team, and not just Cristiano. We play in the strongest league in the world, so we need that too. What we saw of him yesterday shows that he is ready to give everything he has for the team, and that is exactly what the others will need.

Rangnick thought.

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Premier League

Round 14

Manchester United – Arsenal 3-2 (B Fernandez 44, Ronaldo 52, 70 – second of 11, Smith Row 13, Odegaard 54)

the job: 1. Chelsea 33 punt (33-6), 2. Manchester City 32 (29-8), 3. Liverpool 31 (43-12), 4. West Ham United 24 (25-17), 5. Arsenal 23 (17) ). 20–20), 6. Tottenham 22 (13-17, 13 Mack), 7. Manchester United 21 (24-24)

(Cover Image: Ash Donelon/Manchester United via Getty Images)