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2021.05.11. 10:11

Italian Football Federation president Gabriel Gravina said on Monday that he will exclude Juventus from Serie A if he does not withdraw from the Premier League.

“The rules are clear. If Juventus becomes a member of the Premier League when the new season starts, they will not be able to participate in Serie A fights.” “Al-Qaeda is the rule, and it applies to everyone.”

The creation of the European Premier League, planned for 20 teams, was announced on April 19, with six English clubs and three Italian and Spanish clubs among its founders, the UEFA). Fan groups also sharply criticized the planned series.

First, Manchester City announced withdrawal the following night, followed by Chelsea at dawn, followed by Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur. In the afternoon, Atletico Madrid and Internazionale also withdrew from the Premier League, which was always scheduled to have 15 participants. In the end, Milan also distanced himself from the new series, which officially remained three members.

The nine clubs that withdrew from the Premier League last Friday agreed on the terms of their reintegration with the European Union (UEFA), which in turn began disciplinary measures against the other three associations, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus.

(Cover photo: Marco Bertorello / AFP)


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