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Index – Hungary – Zoltán Kovács: The behavior of the English is shameful

Zoltán Kovács, Minister of State for International Communications, announced in a Facebook post that he is British pass His columns present his views on the behavior of English supporters and the inappropriate treatment of London.

Zoltan Kovacs also expressed his anger that before and after the match, Hungarian fans were banned from bars around Molino in Wolverhampton, with signs reading “Local fans only”. All this happened after Hungary beat England for the second time with a humiliating 4-0 defeat in the Nations Cup.

The controversy erupted as Hungarian fans were criticized for whistling English players in Budapest for kneeling.

According to the England national team coach, their players getting down to their knees was for educational purposes. I am happy to ask him if the education we saw in the evenings 0-4 in London was also part of the upbringing. Such shameful behavior is unacceptable both in Hungary and in Central Europe. It’s time to show true respect to others

Books by Zoltan Kovács A Facebook.

In the rematch at Wolverhampton, English fans chanted their displeasure during the Hungarian anthem and called the Hungarians racist.

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